Saturday, 16 July 2016

Songs in a time of grief.

When in a time of grief Christian hymns do not "cut the mustard", other songs speak to our souls, and help us to weep.


Somewhere along the Road (as sung by Steeleye Span)

e.g.  (2) 

All Over The World  as sung by  Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy

Steeleye Span.

Comfort Food in Bristol UK (At "The Chequers") in Hanham

I remember "The Chequers"  as a country pub on the banks of the Bristol Avon river in the outskirts of Bristol, U.K.

(There are three  Rivers named Avon in England - the "Stratford Avon, the Hampshire Avon,  and the finest,  which is the Bristol Avon!)


[ From Wikipedia]

The name "Avon" is a cognate of the Welsh word afon [ˈavɔn] "river", both being derived from the Common Brittonicabona, "river". "River Avon", therefore, literally means "River River"


The Chequers is now a very fine restaurant, (still on the banks of the Avon in an  unspoilt rural location within Greater Bristol)  a location which has yet to be "developed" - thank goodness. 

It specialises in cooking from fresh (i.e. not previously frozen) ingredients.

Here is the website for The Chequers.

At the close of day last Friday (July  8th 2016)   the day of my brother Steve's funeral,  I went to the Chequers with my brother Martyn and his wife Wendy for  some "comfort food"

I had Cottage Pie  Lighter Bite £5.95 A comforting savoury beef mince base, topped with piped mashed potatoes and served with seasonal vegetables.

It was utterly delicious.

Tuesday July 12th saw me back at the Chequers with my family members:  Maureen and her husband Bern, their son Nick and his wife Leslie,  Martyn and Wendy with their daughter Laura and her partner Danny, and with my nephew Sam for a valedictory dinner.. Such bliss.

I ate Cauliflower Cheese Lighter Bite £5.95 A generous portion of cauliflower smothered in a rich cheese sauce topped with mature Cheddar cheese. Served with your choice of soft white or granary bloomer bread and a dressed salad 


with Martyn

with Wendy

The Chequers (White Vans abound in the U.K.)

My fat belly masks Martyn's fat tummy

The Bristol Avon at Hanham  (1)

The Bristol Avon at Hanham  (2)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Unbearable sadness .... and moments of joy.

The eight siblings of my brother Stephen, together with his wife (Angela), his children (Lee and Nicola), and his grandchildren (Reece, Ebony, Thea, Luna and Ryan) are overwhelmed with grief at his sudden and unexpected death at aged 63.

I speak for myself (and most likely for other family members)  when I confess that I cannot control the tears.  It is simply awful when I think about Steve, and know that I will never see him and enjoy him again.  Life never prepared me for the death of a younger brother or for grieving  with his marvelous wife Angela, and their two children and five grandchildren.

And yet...  there were moments of happiness when I was in Bristol, U.K. for Steve's funeral.  That happiness rested in those good moments I had with my sibs and their spouses, and especially with two of  my great nieces and one great nephew.

(I have nineteen nieces/nephews and twenty one great nieces/nephews).

Luna (l) Aurora (r) their Mum is my niece Leah.

Luna (l) Aurora (r) their Mum is my niece Leah.

Bree (her Mum is my niece Leah)

Ryan.  His Mum is my niece Nicola.  Grandson to Steve and Angela

Ryan and his great-uncle
Not forgetting Purdy.  She belongs to my niece Laura.