Saturday, 6 July 2019

Out with the old - they had to go!

These old sneakers/training shoes/walking shoes  -  whatever you call them - just had to go after about six months of wear and tear. (I walk a lot!)

No amount of super glue could repair the soles.

I must have a strange gait as shown by this left foot shoe.

Some may remember that I bought a snazzy replacement pair at Kohl's the other week, only to discover when I got home that they were womens shoes, with womens sizes.

Since I was in danger of wearing the soles of the old ones until they disappeared, I set out to look for replacements this morning.

Here they are in all their glory, a nice pair of Nikes!  You may think that this is no big deal, after all, we all purchase shoes from time to time.

It is a big deal when you are looking for half sizes, and wide shoes.

I need size  81/2  wide. This size is  more difficult to find than a Republican who is a member of the ACLU.

Triumph and joy -  I found just the size  I needed at the local Bealls Store, less than a mile from my home.

What's even better I snagged them for $49 - a "bargain" for this kind of footwear.

And because they are brand new I don't want to wear them because they will immediately begin to wear out. (Is that a male thing or do women also buy new clothes or footwear and then decline to wear them because they are new!?)

Who knows.  But I have dealt with my new shoes issues by pitching the old ones.

I won't, I won't, I won't take them out of the trash can so that I can wear these sad old things again.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Merciful heavens!

I forget who first posted this, but I thank him or her

Merciful heavens!  Zion is not in the least bit bothered by thunderstorms; nor by fireworks (of which there were a superabundance last night -  4th July).

Also, he drinks fine red wine not beer.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Old Glory (with mixed feelings in 2019)

I do not fly the flag every day, but reserve it for days of special meaning  such as New Year's Day, The Revd. Dr. Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, etc (and a few more).

I fly it with humility and discerning pride on INDEPENDENCE DAY  

and with a certain defiance this year to make it clear that Old Glory does not belong to HIM....  


And in 2019 it bothers me that the Flag which should be a symbol of liberty and justice for all also flies outside the American prison camps for would be immigrants.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

On the Fourth of July: Honest patriotism recognizes that White Nationalism is in our national roots.

As a United States citizen by choice and not by birth I love the Declaration of Independence.   It is a noble and brave utterance, which I try to read every year on the Fourth. It evokes the very best of patriotic thought until I come to this part.

He (King George)  has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

This is no more nor less than an assertion of white supremacy, right there in one of our foundational documents.

That assertion, unchallenged in 1776, has led to misery, suffering, forced relocation,  and (to be bluntly honest) the State sponsored GENOCIDE of the children of God who inhabit what we now call the United States of America.

On this Fourth:  raise the flag, sing the anthem, read the Declaration of Independence  watch your home town parade, eat your burgers and steaks  --  that's what we all do in the name of patriotism.

But please, I beg you,  remember that the United States Declaration of Independence is also a Declaration of Genocide.

 Public grave of Lakota Indians, massacred at "Wounded Knee" in 1890

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Remember that time when there was a power outage?  It may have affected your neighbourhood block, or your street, or a wider area. 

Despite the fact that you most likely had all the necessary "official" information at hand, I am willing to bet that from time to time you turned a switch, hoping that by some magic your electrical power had been restored.

(At the time after Hurricane Irma some Sarasota friends longed for the "magic" for up to six weeks.)

There is no such magic -  gosh-darn it!

If you are a regular, or even occasional reader of my page you will know that I have been without air conditioning at my home since Sunday. Thank goodness I have a service contract with a local firm whose technicians have done their very best. They and I thought that the problem had been resolved on Monday afternoon, but this was not the case as I discovered this Tuesday morning when the magic of turning on my a/c  did not work.

Earlier today I wrote this to some of my Face Book friends.

So, the Monday  repair didn't work.but  I slept well with the ceiling fan on high. A/C Warehouse came back promptly this a..m. and of course the a/c spewed out cold air to begin with. But good guys that they are they waited in their van, and once the air began to warm they were at hand to re investigate. Seems like the fan motor which brings in the hot air is over heating and cutting out, but the fan which pumps cold air into my home keeps working - hence warm air is being pumped into the house.

The new part which is needed will not be at hand until Wednesday afternoon.  So I face a dozen or so more hours of heat and sweat.  

No matter how many times today I have tried to turn on the A/C today ( as indeed I have!) I have learned that there is no magic that will restore it to service.

So I will endure my stinky sweat, and keep Zion comfortable for the duration.

Patience is by no means one of my virtues but I have learned to "fake it until I make it".

This I will do for the next twenty or so hours. 

Monday, 1 July 2019

Three Trucks, Two Tyres, and a few stay at home days.


3:00 p.m. at Glen Oaks Ridge, Sarasota. FL.

A/C Warehouse - Outside my house

A/C Warehouse - four doors away on my street

Unique Air - three doors away on the street opposite my driveway

An Air Conditioning Conclave in the neighbourhood?  I find this to be mildly amusing.


This morning at about 10:00 I realised that my A/C  was pumping out tepid rather than cold air.  On what was a busy day my service company engineers arrived by 3:00 p.m. (so I was home bound for a while).  They explained the problem in what sounded to me like an ancient Sumerian accent (for all that I understood).

I shelled out my $246  and for a while the unit was pumping out cold air.  A few hours later I am not so sure, my home has not cooled.  I'll let it be until the morning before calling the Service Co. again.


Two Tyres

Some of the tyres on my 2017 Kia Forte have been losing air (actually nitrogen), especially the front tyre on the passenger side.
I've topped them up a few times and on Thursday June 27th A.A.A came to my home to top them up - they discovered that the rear passenger side was down  to 20 psi.

All well and good but when I got home on Friday 28th June after dinner with my friends Jack, Donna, and Ashley I saw that my front passenger side tyre was all but flat.

Sat 29th I took care of it with "Fix a Leak"; then Triple A came out again to make sure that all the tyres were fully inflated. 

With an abundance of caution I stayed at home all day, save to get some wine at the supermarket (essential!) , and to get my shingles booster shot at Walgreens.


I'd already made an appointment for Sunday 30th at Tyre Kingdom to check all the tyres. My friend and neighbour Barbara B followed me there, and drove me home.

I waited at home for most of the day until Tyre Kingdom called me with the news that there was nothing wrong with the front tyre - go figure - and that there was a nail in the rear tyre (which they had repaired),   adding that I needed a front wheel alignment.

Was their diagnosis accurate?  To quote Pope Francis out of context -  "who am I to judge?"  I authorized the work. A bit later Barbara B drove me to Tyre Kingdom so that I could retrieve my car.


In the midst of all this

(1) My 8:00 a.m.appointment for Echo Cardiogram was canceled and re-scheduled because a Technician was unable to report for duty.

(2) I forgot my appointment at the Veterinary Clinic for a shot which Zion needed.    I will be forgiven. The Clinic will re-schedule.


Here's the learning.

1)  Three days on without reliable transportation or A/C  I am thrown back on my haunches. I am more or less home-bound.

2) I am grateful for  the good friendship I have with my neighbour B

3) I cannot live well without interdependence:   with B, and with AAA, and with A/C warehouse. Indeed I depend on them.

4)  At the risk of sounding horribly pious  I am damn lucky.  I could (given a different heritage) be cooped up in an American concentration camp at our border with Mexico.