Three Trucks, Two Tyres, and a few stay at home days.


3:00 p.m. at Glen Oaks Ridge, Sarasota. FL.

A/C Warehouse - Outside my house

A/C Warehouse - four doors away on my street

Unique Air - three doors away on the street opposite my driveway

An Air Conditioning Conclave in the neighbourhood?  I find this to be mildly amusing.


This morning at about 10:00 I realised that my A/C  was pumping out tepid rather than cold air.  On what was a busy day my service company engineers arrived by 3:00 p.m. (so I was home bound for a while).  They explained the problem in what sounded to me like an ancient Sumerian accent (for all that I understood).

I shelled out my $246  and for a while the unit was pumping out cold air.  A few hours later I am not so sure, my home has not cooled.  I'll let it be until the morning before calling the Service Co. again.


Two Tyres

Some of the tyres on my 2017 Kia Forte have been losing air (actually nitrogen), especially the front tyre on the passenger side.
I've topped them up a few times and on Thursday June 27th A.A.A came to my home to top them up - they discovered that the rear passenger side was down  to 20 psi.

All well and good but when I got home on Friday 28th June after dinner with my friends Jack, Donna, and Ashley I saw that my front passenger side tyre was all but flat.

Sat 29th I took care of it with "Fix a Leak"; then Triple A came out again to make sure that all the tyres were fully inflated. 

With an abundance of caution I stayed at home all day, save to get some wine at the supermarket (essential!) , and to get my shingles booster shot at Walgreens.


I'd already made an appointment for Sunday 30th at Tyre Kingdom to check all the tyres. My friend and neighbour Barbara B followed me there, and drove me home.

I waited at home for most of the day until Tyre Kingdom called me with the news that there was nothing wrong with the front tyre - go figure - and that there was a nail in the rear tyre (which they had repaired),   adding that I needed a front wheel alignment.

Was their diagnosis accurate?  To quote Pope Francis out of context -  "who am I to judge?"  I authorized the work. A bit later Barbara B drove me to Tyre Kingdom so that I could retrieve my car.


In the midst of all this

(1) My 8:00 a.m.appointment for Echo Cardiogram was canceled and re-scheduled because a Technician was unable to report for duty.

(2) I forgot my appointment at the Veterinary Clinic for a shot which Zion needed.    I will be forgiven. The Clinic will re-schedule.


Here's the learning.

1)  Three days on without reliable transportation or A/C  I am thrown back on my haunches. I am more or less home-bound.

2) I am grateful for  the good friendship I have with my neighbour B

3) I cannot live well without interdependence:   with B, and with AAA, and with A/C warehouse. Indeed I depend on them.

4)  At the risk of sounding horribly pious  I am damn lucky.  I could (given a different heritage) be cooped up in an American concentration camp at our border with Mexico.


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