Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Remember that time when there was a power outage?  It may have affected your neighbourhood block, or your street, or a wider area. 

Despite the fact that you most likely had all the necessary "official" information at hand, I am willing to bet that from time to time you turned a switch, hoping that by some magic your electrical power had been restored.

(At the time after Hurricane Irma some Sarasota friends longed for the "magic" for up to six weeks.)

There is no such magic -  gosh-darn it!

If you are a regular, or even occasional reader of my page you will know that I have been without air conditioning at my home since Sunday. Thank goodness I have a service contract with a local firm whose technicians have done their very best. They and I thought that the problem had been resolved on Monday afternoon, but this was not the case as I discovered this Tuesday morning when the magic of turning on my a/c  did not work.

Earlier today I wrote this to some of my Face Book friends.

So, the Monday  repair didn't work.but  I slept well with the ceiling fan on high. A/C Warehouse came back promptly this a..m. and of course the a/c spewed out cold air to begin with. But good guys that they are they waited in their van, and once the air began to warm they were at hand to re investigate. Seems like the fan motor which brings in the hot air is over heating and cutting out, but the fan which pumps cold air into my home keeps working - hence warm air is being pumped into the house.

The new part which is needed will not be at hand until Wednesday afternoon.  So I face a dozen or so more hours of heat and sweat.  

No matter how many times today I have tried to turn on the A/C today ( as indeed I have!) I have learned that there is no magic that will restore it to service.

So I will endure my stinky sweat, and keep Zion comfortable for the duration.

Patience is by no means one of my virtues but I have learned to "fake it until I make it".

This I will do for the next twenty or so hours. 

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