Saturday, 11 July 2009

Friday, 10 July 2009

Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Some questions

What do you know about Marwa el-Sherbini?
What are the roots and reasons for Islamaphobia?
Do you know and have friendships with any Muslims?

Why are Christians so obsessed about sex?
Should gay and lesbian Christians and their relationships be “studied” yet again, by the C of E, or by the Episcopal Church?
How many heterosexual relationships have been “studied” by the Church?

What do you know about Judaism?
Have you studied this noble religion?
Do you know about the very many good things which Jewish people have contributed to western civilization?

No replies needed. Just some questions for you to ponder.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Eastville Junior Mixed School/ Combe Road School 1954 (2)

Neither I, nor any of my family members are in this photo'. The great Head Mistress, Miss Fenlon (of whom more later) is on the right.

What is of interest to me is the BCS sign on a building in the background. This is the Greenbank (Groceries) Branch of the Bristol Cooperative Society.

Mum shopped there when I was a wee lad. These were days of rationing. A store clerk named Percy would cut a couple of bits of cheese of the big cheese wheel (using a cheese-cutting wire) for me sister and me - defying the rationing.

Then Mum stopped using the store. Many years later I asked her why. It was because Percy wanted to have an affair with her! Now I understood the free cheese!

There are no Poveys in this picture. But you will see Miss Fenlon (Head Mistress)(L) and Miss Smith, (Classroom teacher) (R).

Each had an enormous influence in my young life.

Miss Fenlon introduced us to the big wide world, and she had us listen to classical music at even aged five. She would always adress us as "you people" - yes we were people and not children or kids.

I can still hear her telling us of some child whom she'd observed kicking a tin (can) along the street one morning as she drove to school. "You", she said, "don't want to grow up to be the kind of people who kick tins (cans) along the road".

We thought that we were very funny and clever when we would say "Funny Fanny Fenlon with a Feather in her hat"!

Miss Smith was my classroom teacher for two years. Because of the population bulge (I am an early baby-boomer) I an my friends did not move-up to the Junior School at aged 7, but stayed on at Greenbank Infants for two more years. We were assigned to a classroom in "the Big Boys School" (our building was attached to Greenbank Boys School - for boys aged 11 -16). Miss Smith taigfht us so much. Not just the three Rs. But we learned about the Olympics, the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, and the fate of displaced persons (that's what we used to call refugees).

Miss Smith became a dear friend in later years. I learned to call her "Jean". She was a good Anglican, and was so proud that I, and another pupil whose first name was Ernie became Anglican Priests.

I would visit Jean Smith when I was in Bristol, and send her a Christmas Card every year. I have not heard from her in four years, so my guess is that she has passed from this life.

This undated Greenbank Infants picture is also on the Combe Road School site. My brother Martyn and I believe that it was taken in 1959, for there he is, to the immediate left of the classroom teacher. He would have been aged 5

This is a picture of Mr. Richards' class at Combe Road School, taken in 1954. I am second from the left in the front row. I "know" so many faces in the photo', but recall but a few names.

This was one of the happiest years of my school life.

And here is a cropped version of yesterdays Choir photo'. I am in the middle of this close-up, (in the second row of the full picture which I published yesterday).

10 year old John Michael Povey. So anxious to please, even at that young age.

And that has been both the bane and blessing of my life. I am, and have been "so anxious to please".

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Eastville Junior Mixed School/ Combe Road School 1954

I was "Googled" by a Bristol, U.K. man who was interested in my memories of Eastville Junior Mixed School, a.k.a. Combe Road School. He put me on to a Combe Road School website,

I'll share some items from the Combe Road School site tomorrow. But in the meantime, here is a picture which I've had since 1954, which I scanned earlier today.

It's a picture of the Eastville Junior Mixed School Choir. In the centre l-r is Mr. Ken Lewis,Headmaster; Mrs. Richards, Pianist; and Class teacher and Choir director Mr. Sid Richards.

The photo' was taken in nearby Eastville Park.

See if you can spot me!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bit parts and the main drama.

Last Sunday evening my pals David and Ben had dinner with me at the home of my dear friends Ron and Charlotte.

It was a lovely evening with a good meal.

We chatted about - guess what?

We chatted about Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin.

In other words, our conversation was “driven” by the “media”.

If only that “media” would lead us to chat about the horrors in Darfur, or the wretched state of Zimbabwe, or the mess in Afghanistan [and why our good President is WRONG on this issue], or the threat that global warning presents to our descendants.

Michael Jackson (RIP) and Sarah Palin have no more than bit parts in the drama of civilization.

I s’pose that it’s easier to focus on the bit parts, than on the big drama.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Carpe Diem, sofa, Chair and Box

My pal David F stopped by the house this evening at 5:30 as he needed to borrow my car overnight.

He came in for a drink, and then another, and by 6:30 I decided to feed us with a store-bought frozen pizza which I had in my freezer (in preparation for the apocalypse).

Just then, another pal, Ben M telephoned, and he did not need a second invitation to join us.

I cut up a big Portobello mushroom which had been hiding in my fridge, and added it to the top of the cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Rummaging deeper into the fridge I found ¾ of a head of (gosh) iceberg lettuce, 2/3 of a cucumber, ½ of a tomato and a green pepper. This all made for an instant salad to go with the pizza.

The three of us feasted on pizza and salad, and reminisced about the old days. In this case we were talking about yesterday when we three had been at Ron and Charlotte Thompson’s home for Fifth of July cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and potato salad. That had been a fabulous evening with Ron and Char, who are the greatest of people.

During what had been an otherwise quiet day, my pets had each found their place. Penne on my sofa, Adelaide on a chair, and Ada in a box. Here are the pics.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

How we give directions in Florida.

Take “A” Avenue to the end, and turn left at the Walgreens onto “B” Boulevard.

Stay on “B” Boulevard for three miles, passing two CVS stores on your left, and one on your right. (You will also pass two Publix Supermarkets on your right, and one on your left.

At “C” Circus turn left (you will see a CVS on one corner, a Walgreens on the other, right next to a Publix).

Stay on “C” circus, ignoring two more Publix stores, and eighteen Walgreens until you come to “D” Drive

Bear left onto “D” drive (a CVS is on your left).

In one mile turn right at the Publix, my house is half a mile away on the right, almost opposite a Walgreens.

(PS if you happen to pass a Supermarket or Drug Store, please stop in and bring me a Gallon of 2% milk)