Thursday, 17 August 2017

Frying an egg (or eggs)


I think that it was in the Food and Wine supplement of my local newspaper  (the Sarasota Herald-Tribune) that I saw a recipe for fried eggs.

At first I thought "who needs a recipe for something as mundane as this?"   

But I read the recipe which offered fried eggs with fluffy whites and firm yolks.

Then I tried it, and it works!

First,  line the skillet with a smear of oil.

Then, heat the skillet and oil on a medium to high setting. When the skillet and oil are hot add the egg/s.

As soon as the edge of the whites firm up, dip your finger into cold water, flick the water on the eggs, then reduce the heat and cover the skillet with a lid.

After two or more minutes the egg/s will be ready.

The whites will be wonderfully fluffy, and the yolks will be firm and well formed.


I've tried this recipe twice, and "dammit" it works.

So I will now be able to "shuffle off this mortal coil" in the sure and certain knowledge that I knew how to fry eggs with fluffy whites and firm yolks.

Tee hee!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

I said what?

I arrived very early at my **Health Fit programme today and decided to check my e-mail and text messages as I waited.

I looked at one text which contained a mailing address I needed, and then, like a fool, I deleted it by accident.

In a voice which was just above a whisper I exclaimed "Oh shit",  whereupon two other people who were seated near me  in the waiting room started to laugh.  I had been totally unaware of their presence.

Of course I apologised profusely, but my two "hearers" were so amused that they neither expected or desired an apology.

Speaking of **Health Fit, it's a programme (via a Doctor's Prescription only) and run by our Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

My Cardiologist wrote my prescription following my angiogram on May 5th during which he inserted a stent in my left descending artery.

The precipitating problem had been a diagnosis of  peripheral arterial disease in my right leg.

Recovery from cardio. problems can be addressed by vigorous exercise, hence my Health Fit Programme.    There my heart rate is continually monitored, and my blood pressure taken before and after exercise. I am pleased to see that my blood pressure is consistently more normal than it has been for at least five years.

What is also great is that the discomfort in my right leg is slowly and surely being abated because sans good arteries my blood is finding other routes down my leg.

I have supplemented the three day a week Health Fit programme by joining the gym at the local "Y". Thus I am able to do thirty minutes on a treadmill seven days a week.

The Health Fit programme expires after another five sessions.  After that I hope to be at the "Y"  seven days a week.

When I awake each morning I think "I don't want  to exercise today", but just as soon as I get on the treadmill (1.2 miles in 30 minutes)  I am glad.

A side benefit is that apart from the exercise but by a more mindful diet  I have lost 10lbs in weight, with at least another 10lbs to go before I visit my family in Bristol, UK (mid Sept to mid Oct 2017)

Monday, 14 August 2017

Click, click, click. Snip, snip, snip.

They came today.  The grass mowers that is.

They came with their noisy, behemoth-like mowing machines.  (I am told that these machines are banned in most cemeteries because the noise is sure to wake the dead).

They came with their edgers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.  A veritable festival of noise and gas/petrol fumes.

Then my very good and pleasant neighbor across the street decided to trim his bushes. (He is somewhat obsessive about this).  Of course he used those noisy electrically operated trimmers).

Not to be outdone, another neighbour  ( a truly arrogant jerk in the opinion of many of us), could not resist the use of his electric leaf blower to blow bits of dust off his prized Camaro.

NOISE POLLUTION invaded my ears today.

Oh my dear friends, I live a very quiet life.  I never play music, listen to the radio, or watch T.V.  at home (though I did tune into C.N.N. for an hour last Saturday as the dreadful events in Charlottesville, VA unfolded.)


The noise today caused my mind to enjoy memories from many a long day ago.

Across from our home lived a very respectable couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hurkett.  They were very private people and I knew next to nothing about them, save that they had a tenuous connection with the Plymouth Brethren denomination in which I was raised, and that Mr. Hurkett had once been a tinker - which made him very mysterious in my young mind.

(My twin sister and I used to sing carols for the Hurkett's at Christmas-tide (we had sweet voices) and we were often rewarded with half a crown (two shillings and sixpence), a princely sum in those days).

The Hurkett's had a big back garden, reaching all the way  to the old London, Midland and Scottish Railway line.  Mr. Hurkett was an avid gardener, and should a Police Horse, or a trader's horse and cart pass by he would rush out with a shovel and bucket to look for horse manure which perchance had been deposited in the street.


But what I remembered most today was the soothing and gentle sound of an old fashioned lawn mower when Mr. H. cut his grass in summer time.It was a early evening sound.

Click, click, click forward.  Then back, and click, click, click forward again.  

Respectable  working class folks often had a Privet hedge to establish a boundary in their small front gardens, or bigger back gardens.

Another comforting early evening sound was when they used hand shears to trim the Privets: "Snip, snip, snip" it went.


I love modern life.I am by no means a Luddite.  But I wish that modern life were not so darn noisy.


Hand driven grass cutter. Click, click click.

Old fashioned hedge trimmer/ Snip, snip, snip.

Privet hedge

English lawn with daisies ("Bellis  Perennia")