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No Sun


This, that, and "is plastic o.k.?"


If you desperately missed my daily blog/face book postings it's 'cause all unwittingly I changed a Face book setting so that my posts went to one friend only, instead of to all friends.

Thom Smith of Dalton MA was the chosen "one friend only"!

I reposted most things to all friends today.



Those nights when you are drifting in and out of sleep and in the semi-somnolent minutes you have strange concerns.

Three nights ago I could recall the name of two of the Canadian Maritime Provinces  (Nova Scotia and P.E.I.) but for the life of me I could not recall New Brunswick.   I had to look it up soon after I arose the next morning.

Last night I could not remember how to spell "worry".  I wanted to spell it with qu as the first two letters (as in quarry), but I know that was incorrect.  It took a while before I could get to worry not quorry.





1.  NPR news reported today that "An American woman has won the (women's section) New York Marathon for the first time in forty years"

I find this sentence  to be very ambiguous, and unclear.  Has this good woman been trying to win the race for Forty Years?

How would you re-phrase this NPR statement?

2.  Goodwill of Manasota (Manatee and Sarasota Counties) in S.W Florida has a few excellent used book stores.  The one on Clark Rd and Derek Ave in Sarasota County is particularly  well organised. I was there this afternoon and bought a couple of paper backs for the princely sum of $7.

One is by famed Boston Globe writer James Carroll about his relationship with his father "An American Requiem: "God,My Father, and the War (Vietnam) that Came Between Us".

The other is by famed Author Bill Bryson (Notes from a Small Island etc) about his upbringing in Des Moines IO

Enough reading for a couple of weeks.

3. The inestimably wonderful local handyman David Meyer came t…