Friday, 10 November 2017

No Sun

The sun decided to avoid Sarasota today. Overcast all day.

The neighbouring community of Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums has been employing a long-necked, small-headed Giraffe for the past two weeks, I think to install roof top a/c units. I'll miss this busy critter when he/she returns to Africa.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

This, that, and "is plastic o.k.?"


If you desperately missed my daily blog/face book postings it's 'cause all unwittingly I changed a Face book setting so that my posts went to one friend only, instead of to all friends.

Thom Smith of Dalton MA was the chosen "one friend only"!

I reposted most things to all friends today.



Those nights when you are drifting in and out of sleep and in the semi-somnolent minutes you have strange concerns.

Three nights ago I could recall the name of two of the Canadian Maritime Provinces  (Nova Scotia and P.E.I.) but for the life of me I could not recall New Brunswick.   I had to look it up soon after I arose the next morning.

Last night I could not remember how to spell "worry".  I wanted to spell it with qu as the first two letters (as in quarry), but I know that was incorrect.  It took a while before I could get to worry not quorry.


Is plastic o.k? 

The check out clerks/cashiers and baggers at Publix Supermarkets are programmed by Corporate to use a couple of phrases.  One is "it's my pleasure" when a customer says "thank you". One high school checker told me that when his teacher thanked him for giving a correct answer his Publix/automaton response was "It's my pleasure" to the merriment of his class mates).

These hard working store staff members are also programmed to say "is plastic o.k?"  when bagging. I want to snarl NO but I realise that the head honchos in Lakeland FL have decided that plastic should be the default bags.

Most often I remember to take my cloth bags.  The colourful ones I use are from the Market Basket chain of south eastern New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts.

They are often greatly admired, and why not?   )Thanks to Judy Beers of Wakefield MA who provided mine).

I see no point in putting some items in one of those small plastic bags on a roller.  After all the bananas have their own easy open "bags", the cucumbers will be peeled, and the radishes topped,tailed, and washed.

But I cannot entirely escape plastic.  There are next to no loose greens on the shelves. I know that the almost clamshell containers make for easier transportation and display,but could there not be a more environmentally friendly way of doing this?  Yes, there are Farmers' Markets, but I am less than impressed with the one in down town Sarasota.  I am not at all sure that some of the vendors are indeed local farmers.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Post Market fitting of Cruise Control on my new Kia Forte. The personable man who fitted it (Travis)  from Dealer Mobile Outfitters in Tampa called me to let me know that he would be late due to heavy traffic on I-75. (That was very nice). He installed the Cruise Control in my driveway in about 75 minutes, then he was headed first to Brandon FL and then to New Port Richey FL.   S.W. Florida folks will know that these are not easy drives. An honest man, working hard at an honest living.

With this warning in mind I will not travel to Britton Hill, the highest point (345'above sea level)  in Florida.

My lower teeth bridge still being AWOL I took myself to my very excellent Dentist, Dr. Timothy Mercer  (in my mind I call him Timmy, but he does not know this), to have some impressions made for a new bridge. It may take up to two weeks before this prosthesis is made, so I will endure being snaggle-toothed for the duration.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


1.  NPR news reported today that "An American woman has won the (women's section) New York Marathon for the first time in forty years"

I find this sentence  to be very ambiguous, and unclear.  Has this good woman been trying to win the race for Forty Years?

How would you re-phrase this NPR statement?

2.  Goodwill of Manasota (Manatee and Sarasota Counties) in S.W Florida has a few excellent used book stores.  The one on Clark Rd and Derek Ave in Sarasota County is particularly  well organised. I was there this afternoon and bought a couple of paper backs for the princely sum of $7.

One is by famed Boston Globe writer James Carroll about his relationship with his father "An American Requiem: "God,My Father, and the War (Vietnam) that Came Between Us".

The other is by famed Author Bill Bryson (Notes from a Small Island etc) about his upbringing in Des Moines IO

Enough reading for a couple of weeks.

3. The inestimably wonderful local handyman David Meyer came to my home today to check the trap underneath my bathroom sink to see if my lower teeth bridge had somehow lodged itself there. NO such luck.  So my good Dentist and his staff will have to make me a new one.

 I am still convinced that some gremlins have been at work in the mystery of my missing bridge! (Tongue in cheek of coiurse),

4. On my drive home last night (Saturday)  after dinner with my dear and blessed friends Ron and Char I tuned into our local classical music station WSMR.  I heard the last movement of Beethoven's Symphony #5.

What joy. What bliss.

I know this music so well, yet I was still enchanted, challenged,  and energized  by Beethoven's skill.

It was like being with and old and trusted friend., a friend  about who I know so much, and yet know so very little.