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Nap Time

I cover my sofa with these foam rubber tiles to keep the dog off.  His drool is not good for the leather.

The tiles come off for my afternoon nap. 'Tis so comfortable.

I sometimes forget to replace the tiles.  Zion takes advantage of the situation.  Who could resist a face like this? Who cares about a bit of drool?


Here are three of my favourite words

Please dear friends offer me a sentence which uses these three words and could be used in a sermon.
If you cannot help I am likely to get ' Maudlin

A risk worth taking

(Stock photo' not anyone I know)
Pedro C is the owner and operator of a landscaping company I used today.  He and an employee worked hard and well and did what I had needed.
Work done Pedro came inside so that I could write a check (cheque).   I would put him at about thirty five years old. He has a quiet and apparently thoughtful aspect and demeanour.  And he has the most beautiful brown eyes.
Before he left I took a wee risk, the risk of being misunderstood.  
"Pedro" I said "you have the most beautiful eyes".
He didn't miss a beat.  "Thank you very much" he said  "I appreciate that".
You know, it's sometimes tough for men to compliment other men on aspects of their physical beauty, more's the pity.
Thanks be to God that I took that wee risk, and that Pedro accepted my compliment with great grace.
I have some sadness about my brief exchange with Pedro. For if I should tell this story to my gay male friends I am certain that they would …

Weak kneed and Spineless Republicans

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, and Susan Collins talk a good talk.

Gourmet Anglais

Steak and Kidney Pie. 

Yum!  Bliss! Utter joy!  Gustatory delight!

Beloved by British and Irish people.

Feared by Americans (on account of the kidneys).

I've had a can/tin of Fray Bentos brand steak and kidney pie in my pantry for at least ten years.  I have been saving it for the apocalypse.

An apocalypse of sorts is upon us, whether with the Narcissist in Chief in the White House, or with Brexit in my beloved country of birth.  This is the time to savour and enjoy ancient delights.

For at least ten years!  Yes indeed dear cautious friends, I savored  and enjoyed this Gourmet Anglais food for my lunch today, even though it was many years past its best buy date.

I am alive to tell the tale!

New kid on the block (and other encounters)

This is Milton.  He is a Dogo Argentino (otherwise known as an Argentinian Mastiff).   Milton is about six months old.  His owners are wisely training him to socialize with other dogs at a young age, and who better to socialize with than Zion.  The two dogs had a couple of gentle encounters yesterday at Arlington Park

Milton will grow to be between 80lbs and 100lbs.

Here is a bit about the breed:

I have other fruitful encounters at the park.

Most weekdays I meet an eighty-something Mennonite woman.  She is all bent over with osteoporosis.  She takes her daily constitutional, always with a sweet smile.  I invariably greet her with a cheerful "good morning sister".  She returns my greeting with a smile.  One day I asked "are you praying as you walk"?  "Yes, mostly" she replied.

And there are the young ones.  The girl (aged about eight), her mother and (perhaps) her grandfather were walking in procession at a fast clip…

Red bugs and "ough" words

My neighbour Barbara and I took Zion to Sarasota's Red Bug Slough for our Sunday morning peregrination.

Red Bug Slough is a delightful seventy two acre preserve, a haven of wildness in suburbia.  In a county where development  is the lodestar for "progress" (ahem) such a preserve is not a luxury but a necessity.

Barbara and I did not walk far for it is still wet and squelchy underfoot.  We'll go back when the land dries up a bit.

Here is a 2012 Herald Tribune article about the slough

And those ough words

Our slough is pronounced slue to rhyme with blue, as in the word through.

In England slough is pronounced as to rhyme with "how", as as in the word bough.

The word is also sometimes pronounced sluff, as in the word rough.

"Through".  "Bough". "Rough".  We have to be thorough about such matters.