Saturday, 14 May 2016

Some "nature" photo's which I lifted from a Tumblr blog

I have no idea as to where and when these photo's were taken.  But I like them.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

When Turtles Fly

I was chatting the other day with an acquaintance of Cuban origin.

He was a bit upset because a friend of mine had been unreasonably "fierce" with him on account of a minor mistake he had made.

I explained that my friend is a charming and delightful person, but that from time to time she sees life in black and white terms, with no gray areas,

I said "think of your Cuban Grandmother".

He grinned and said "if she says that Turtles can fly, then Turtles can fly!"

Then he gave me the thumbs up.  I think that I had ameliorated his distress.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Who did this whilst I slept?

Was it my dog "Saint Penne of Sarasota"?  Not a chance.

Was it my cats Ada and Adelaide, reminding me of who is in charge at Chez Povey,  You betcha,

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Who will be next?

Via Adam Shoemaker

"Here's the principle.  Once you allow any people to be discriminated against, who's next".

Spoken by the Revd. Dr. William J Barber II,on May 9th 1016,  in response to North Carolina's H.B. 2 which legalises discrimination against trans-gendered people..

Monday, 9 May 2016

Sarasota FL - some history

If you live in Sarasota, or used to live here, or have visited and liked our City  this site  (with many pages) may best right for you.

(Bookmark it and return to it often)

"The Greatest Show on Earth" was primarily filmed in Sarasota and premiered here in 1951 at the Florida Theater. It started out as the Edwards Theater, and currently houses the Sarasota Opera.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Truth can be stranger than fiction - OR - what a coincidence!

Saturday 7th May 2015 saw me at the lovely Field Club is Sarasota  for a terrific celebration of the 80th birthday of Meade Ferguson.  She is one of my favourite St. Boniface, Siesta Key, Sarasota Fl parishioners.

Here's a bit about the history of the Field Club

It is a splendid place right on Little Sarasota Bay.

I drove my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe into the parking lot, and set myself alongside a smart Lexus.

Then I noticed something which was eerie, odd, wonderful, and amazingly coincidental.

This has to be seen to be believed.  What are the odds?


Meade, and her daughters Ann and Lee