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Morning Reflections


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"Enver Hoxha (Remember him?)" -or - "When I think about Albania I think about Crepes" - or - "Thank goodness for immigrants.

Enver Hoxha was the communist autocrat who governed Albania between 1944 and 1991.  Under his rule Albania declared itself to be the first Atheistic State. All religion was suppressed.
(I have often thought that God has a sense of irony  -  inasmuch as the fact that Mother Theresa of Calcutta was Albanian.)
Since 1991 Albania has become a democracy and has aligned itself with NATO etc.
Less than a mile from my home is a neat CafĂ© called "Alma's Kouzine". It's a small place which seats no more than 40 people. The menu includes American standbys (Burgers, Club Sandwiches, BLT's etc) but Crepes are the specialty of the house.  Not just Crepes, but damn good Crepes made with whole wheat flour. At lunch and dinner times the Crepes are available with a variety of savoury fillings, e.g. curried chicken, or sea-food, or jambalaya. They are superb! I was at Alma…

G.O.P. leadership out of synch with U.S. Military's Policy

Wednesday, 9 April 2014
From Examiner . Com

"Earlier this week, two prominent Republicans took shots at Democrats, claiming that they were using the issue of gender pay inequality as nothing more than a political pawn to further their agenda.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.), the GOP conference's vice chair, described the Democrats push of gender pay issue equality as "condescending," claiming that many women she spoke to felt like they were simply being used a pawn by the Democrats.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took his criticism a step further, accusing Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) of having a "bizarre obsession" with women's equality in the work place. McConnell said "Instead of  (Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader ) focusing on jobs,   ... Democrats chose to ignore serious job-creation ideas so they could blow a few kisses to their powerful pals on the left."
This, McConnell said is ............. the left's l…

Say that again Winn-Dixie

The Winn-Dixie Supermarket on Fruitville Rd (SRQ) has a large hand drawn sign on one of the entrance doors. It reads " (We are)  accepting applications for part time perishable departments". Any takers? ( I think that I know what they mean, but I for one would not wish to be a part time perishable department!)

Au revoir

We call them "snow birds", those people who flee the colder winters in the northern United States and in Canada to spend four to six months here (between October and March). Increasingly we see "snow birds" from the U.K., Germany, and Scandinavia.
Of course we complain about the problems they cause:  "too much traffic",  and crowded restaurants. (In the case of SRQ our complaints about traffic jams would make anyone from a big City convulse into laughter!).
We complain, but we are glad that they spend and spend - filling the State coffers with Sales Tax income.
My neighbour Eddie P has already left for North Carolina. His partner Ed G. will follow soon.  We went out for valedictory dinner last Tuesday. My good friend (and retired Episcopal Priest) Fred E will be going up to Maine very soon (his wife Diana following later).  The three of us will have lunch together on Tuesday. Muriel is a friend from Church (who has the great advantage of being English!).…