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OLearys TIKI BAR SRQ, and its strange sign


As Ruth (in the Bible) said to Naomi

Book of Ruth, Chapter 2 verse 15
'Wherever you go I will go"

From a U.S. Immigration Lawyer: It's worse than you could think or imagine

Via my friend Andrew McG


Tales from the Labyrinth This is the reality of our system. And yes, THIS is completely Trump. From my colleague Mana Yegani

I had such a day yesterday. Even though I had a good night’s sleep I still feel the exhaustion and mental burnout dealing with a government that is racist and dislikes immigrants.
The government is doing everything they possibly can to make the LEGAL immigration process impossible. USCIS is the agency who issues green cards and citizenship. Washington has changed all the policies of the local immigration offices.
As attorneys we used to have access to speak with the local office by going in to speak with an officer or emailing them. All those privileges have been cut off. We used to have quarterly meetings with the local USCIS office and those have been canceled. They basically want nothing to do with immigration lawyers. And…

Humour Irony Trivia


It's unbelievably difficult

In recent days friends of mine have had to say good bye to their beloved dogs.
D'Arlene to Johnny.
Jack, Donna, and Ashley to Tay.
Nancy and Rosalind to Hershey.

Oh how unbelievably difficult it is when our canine best friends have to leave us.
So we send our love to D'Arlene, Jack, Donna, Ashley, Nancy and Rosalind.
This dog looks sad, but that's an accident of nature,

Yet even dogs grieve when their beloved canine or human friends pass on.

Do you remember Puffed Wheat?

Yesterday ( 28th July 2019)  I had a taste longing for Puffed Wheat, one of the more or less healthy breakfast cereals which I enjoyed as a kid.

But gosh darn it (!)  I could not find it in the cereal aisles of PUBLIX, WINN-DIXIE, or WALMART stores in Sarasota.  Is it no longer made?

Winn-Dixie and Walmart carry  a sort of puffed cereal with added malt.  I was on the point of buying some until I read the label which indicated that sugar was the chief ingredient.


I want some plain and simple QUAKER PUFFED WHEAT.

I think that I am out of luck. Is it no longer made?

Getting To Know You.

Zion and I made our second courtesy call on Max this afternoon.

Max (17 weeks old) is the newly "adopted son" of my good friends Patrick and Bill.

Young Max was utterly intrigued, and very sweet with Zion, my four year old.

Zion, in his turn, was gracious with the wee pup.  

Gentle Zion is always good with little dogs  (at Arlington Park this  morning another puppy was climbing all over Z. and he didn't in the least get bothered.)