Sunday, 28 July 2019

Getting To Know You.

Zion and I made our second courtesy call on Max this afternoon.

Max (17 weeks old) is the newly "adopted son" of my good friends Patrick and Bill.

Young Max was utterly intrigued, and very sweet with Zion, my four year old.

Zion, in his turn, was gracious with the wee pup.  

Gentle Zion is always good with little dogs  (at Arlington Park this  morning another puppy was climbing all over Z. and he didn't in the least get bothered.)

Who the heck are you?

I suppose that we could talk.

O.K. old boy, we can be friends

And kiss!

That was good, let's kiss again!
and again!

One last time

Enough already you wee kid

Zion to me:  O.K. "dad"  that's enough.  Let's go home.

What a joy to have Patrick and Bill as new friends in my retirement years.

What fun that my four years old Z. and their 17 weeks old M. are getting to know each other.

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