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Punt a gorda

I am off to Punt a Gorda on Sunday December 5th 2010.  
Whoops: -  “Punt a Gorda” sounds like a sport on a river in Oxford or Cambridge, U.K.
In truth I will be driving sixty or so miles south of my home, to the City of Punta Gorda in Charlotte County, FL.  There I will be at the (Episcopal) Church of the Good Shepherd.
It will be my pleasure to preach, and to lead the congregations in celebrations of Holy Communion at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.
Four and a half years into retirement I find it more difficult than ever to prepare sermons.  I suspect that when I was a Rector I “knew the people”, and could bring that understanding to my sermon prep.  It’s much harder when I have to write a sermon which will be addressed to strangers.
But “I have written what I have written”.  I trust that what I say will be faithful to the Gospel, and will “speak” to God’s people at Good Shepherd.
Here’s a bit about Punta Gorda itself.,_Flori…

Vegetable and fruit bliss


On a lighter note



The United States at its best!

Bayfront Park is on wee peninsula which stretches itself out from downtown Sarasota into Sarasota Bay.

It’s a gorgeous little park. There is a fabulous play area for children; some neat sculptures; a small restaurant and Tiki Bar, and lots of benches where folks can sit and chat, or read, or admire the views.

The perimeter walkway of the park is marked with 1/10th mile signs, indicating that one peregrination equals a half mile walk.

I took myself there yesterday afternoon to get a breath of sea air, and to “people watch”.

Indeed there were people! In my half mile walk I saw all that is wonderful in multi-ethnic and multi-generational America.

There were folks of Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and Caucasian heritage.

There were babies in “strollers”, and toddlers, and three to four year olds who raced around and chased each other. 

There were loners, sitting under a tree or on a bench, lost to the world in a book. 

There were “courting couples” (now there’s an old fashioned concept for…

Dressing up

I know a fabulous woman from Oldham, Lancashire.  Her name is Muriel.  She is a member of St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key FL, which is also my parish.
Muriel always dresses up for Church.  She wears the most fabulous suits or dresses, and always looks like a million dollars.  Above all else (literally and metaphorically), when Muriel comes to Church she is always adorned with a most gorgeous hat.  Those hats are the crowning glory of her beautiful outfits.
Muriel is not making a fashion statement.  Rather, she “dresses up” in honour of the occasion.  She knows that to dress well is to honour her host/s.  I like that.
With that in mind I dressed up a bit for last Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner which was hosted by my friends Elliott, Janet, Jesse and Maggie.
I had noticed that on such “semi-formal” occasions the women guests would often wear their finery, whilst the men might opt for a Hawaiian shirt, and shorts. 
In my wish to honour my hosts and the other guests, I dressed up a bit.  (Best…