Monday, 29 November 2010

The United States at its best!

Bayfront Park is on wee peninsula which stretches itself out from downtown Sarasota into Sarasota Bay.

It’s a gorgeous little park. There is a fabulous play area for children; some neat sculptures; a small restaurant and Tiki Bar, and lots of benches where folks can sit and chat, or read, or admire the views.

The perimeter walkway of the park is marked with 1/10th mile signs, indicating that one peregrination equals a half mile walk.

I took myself there yesterday afternoon to get a breath of sea air, and to “people watch”.

Indeed there were people! In my half mile walk I saw all that is wonderful in multi-ethnic and multi-generational America.

There were folks of Hispanic, Asian, African-American, and Caucasian heritage.

There were babies in “strollers”, and toddlers, and three to four year olds who raced around and chased each other. 

There were loners, sitting under a tree or on a bench, lost to the world in a book. 

There were “courting couples” (now there’s an old fashioned concept for you!). 

There were older couples, walking at their own pace, and holding hands.

There were dogs. Indeed there were at least 75 dogs. Each was leashed, and most of them seemed entirely pleased to be out and about in order to visit their canine friends and acquaintances. (Sadly – I could not take Penne. She “loves” people but is utterly afraid of other dogs).

I looked at the “big-ass” boats which were docked in the Marina.

I watched the more modest sailboats as they bobbed at anchor in the Bay itself.

Best of all, I overheard various conversations during my stroll.

1. An older couple. She: “I have not heard a word from them”. He: “Should we presume that they will be here tomorrow?” She: “That’s what I am presuming”.

2. A middle aged couple seated on a bench.  He: “I think that is a wonderful idea”. His tone of voice betrayed resignation rather than enthusiasm!

3. A woman on her mobile ‘phone: “I want them back between 5:00 and 6:00. Do you hear me? Between 5:00 and 6:00”.

4. Voice one: “They look so alike”. Voice two: “But he has more wrinkles”.

(The conversation was about two Pugs who were meeting for the first time).

Of such snippets are great novels or plays created!

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