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Good work in Beirut.

The fabulous video (below) was created by Nadia Asfour of Beirut, Lebanon. Nadia, her sister Maia, and her parents Hani and Rula were members of St. James's, Cambridge, MA when I was the Rector. The Asfours returned to Lebanon in 2002? I  was privileged to have a great visit with them in 2003.  There was so much in Lebanon which I liked and enjoyed. Nadia was then about 13 years old.  Her wonderful video shows what can be done and should be done when recycling is taken seriously. The video energized so many memories -  taking my mind and memory back to Lebanon/2003.

Pharrel Williams & Sarasota, my recently adopted home town. Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser.

Old coot, old fart, old codger. (My shameful confession).

Some of you may remember my references to  Bob, an older man who, from his electric wheelchair,  walks in my neighbourhood with his Wirehaired Terrier named Scout .
Scout has a visceral dislike of my Penne.  Bob knows and understand this, so we cooperate to make sure that our paths do not cross.
I have also told you about Bob's voice.  I have sometimes said that it is like a Corncrake. See
In truth Bob's voice is louder and harsher than  that of the Corncrake.  Bob can be heard from a thousand feet as yells to Scout:  "No, No. No", or "Bad Dog, Bad Dog".
Some 20 days ago Bob and his wife were driving by as I walked Penne.  Their car screeched to a halt. Bob "corncraked out" "MICHAEL I WANT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH YOU".
I could hardly refuse in the presence of Bob's wife, so I lied through my teeth, saying that it would be a pleasure, and setting a date for lunch.
That date arrived y…

Children in the supermarket --- dammit who needs them?

"She"  stood in front of me at the "15 items or fewer" check out at my local Publix Supermarket.

(Believe it or not, the Publix signs say 15 items or fewer, not 15 items or less - well done Publix).

Well, asI was saying, "she" stood in front of me at the "15 items or fewer" check out at my local Publix Supermarket.

"She" was a slender, short and very beautiful young woman. She seemed to be a bit apprehensive. I thought that her cart was overflowing.

In front of her was a restless little boy, aged maybe four.

N.B.  I said "restless" not "naughty".  After all what four year old child is not restless in a supermarket.

Another child sat facing me from the back of the shopping cart  in that place where you stow pocket books (handbags) or shopping bags.  His legs were poking through the back end of the cart. His countenance was totally serious.  I guessed his age to be about two,

"She" began to unload her cart. It …

A murmuration of swallows - lovely video

video via my friend Muriel Q

I WAS the kid in the Candy Store

My English readers MWP  and Dud may well roll their eyes at this.  "Roll on pals!". One of the good things about life in SRQ is the music of the Sarasota Opera. It is an above average regional company. Indeed some of the sophisticated ex- New York City folks who know about these matters have been know to assert that the Sarasota Opera can mount productions which are as good as, if not better than those of the world famous NYC Metropolitan Opera.  (I kid you not). I've been taking myself to our Opera since I arrived here in 2006. There are usually five different operas each season. This year I saw "Die Fledermaus" (Johann Strauss II)  -  so well done and so very funny.  I missed "Il Travatore" (Verdi) because I thought that I would be in Boston on the day for which I had bought a ticket. The Boston trip did not pan-out, but I had already given my Il Travatore ticket away. The other week I heard the "Barber of Seville" (Rossini), and for once …