Friday, 30 December 2011

My last full day in Australia (15th December 2011)

Enough already?  Here is the last posting of photo’s from my Australian trip earlier this month.  
They are of the lovely Blue Mountains area near Sydney.  I took one of those dreadful day-trips to this area on my last full day (20 minutes here, 10 minutes there etc -  just enough time to take photo’s, but not enough time to savour the scenery).  But it was better than nothing.

In some ways my mind is still in Australia (I know this cos I dreamed about it last night).  It was a wonderful trip for which I will have grateful memories for a long time.

Blue Mountain view from Cable Car

View from Incline Railway 1

Incline Railway View 2

Hazy Blue Mountains.. The blueish colour is emitted from the many eucalyptus tress.

"Three Sisters" (1)

"Three Sisters" (2)

View from the Incline Railway

In the Rain Forest

Blue Mountains general view 1

Blue Mountains general view 2

Blue Mountains general view 3

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Australian countryside (or bush)

Much of the good stuff in my visit to Australia was when I got out into the “bush” (or “countryside”) – I am still not certain if the words are synonymous.

I know that the “bush” and the “outback” are not the same.

Australia is indeed a very flat Continent.  You will see this in the photo’s I took from a plane, en route from Adelaide to Melbourne. 

There are also quite delightful “countryside” areas near Adelaide (the Adelaide Hills); and near Melbourne in the Ballaratt/Creswick/Doylesford areas. These places are neither Cities, nor Outback.

Here are my pics.  I’ll end the Australia series tomorrow with some photo’s from the gorgeous Blue Mountains near Sydney.

Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

"Flatland" -  from the plane between Adelaide and Melbourne (1)

"Flatland" -  from the plane between Adelaide and Melbourne (2)

The Bush near Melbourne (1)

The Bush near Melbourne (2)

Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area (1)

Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area (2)
Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area  (3)

Looking out towards Hanging Rock

Rose bushes at Hanging Rock Winery  (Hanging Rock in the background)
From the train between Melbourne and Sydney (1)

From the train between Melbourne and Sydney (2)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sydney scenes

Here are some pictures from Sydney.  I am sure that many of them show familiar places, but it’s different when you are “there”.  (Incidentally, I think that the Opera House “shows” better in photo’s than up close. It seems to need a coat or two of paint). Tomorrow, some pictures of lovely Australian countryside.

Oldest House in Sydney

"The Rocks" area one of my favourite parts of Sydney

The Rocks (2)

"Relief" of immigrants at the Rocks area

Opera House from the Harbour Bridge

Walking over the Harbour Bridge

Strange to my eyes - the Chinese Nationalist Party of Australasia?  Maybe an older  political party from  the time when there was Legislative discrimination against Chinese-Australians.

Harbour Bridge close up.  Not a view we often see

Hotel in Sydney. "You can take the boy out of Bristol, but you cannot take Bristol out of Australia!"

Everyone, but everyone photographs the bridge!

Opera House close up

Sydney Skyline from the Harbour

Sydney Skyline from the Harbour (2)

The beginning of my walk over the Harbour Bridge

Posh Houses Harbourside

The much vaunted Manly Beach  (not a patch upon Sarasota's Siesta Key beaches!)
Sydney's handsome Central Station. "Meet you under the clock at Central 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not quite Australia

I hoved over to Largo, FL today  (a 75 minute drive) to hook up with Steven S. and his family.

 I met Steven when he was an undergraduate at Harvard College, at which time he attended S. James’s Church in Porter Square, Cambridge where I was the Rector.

Both Steven and I moved on.  He wound up for a while in Sydney, AU, and my plan had been to visit him there.  But he returned to his present home in Los Angeles before my trip, so we did not connect in Australia.

Steven hails from Titusville, FL  (on the Atlantic Coast).  He’s been at home with his parents and one of his brothers for the Christmas holiday.

The four of them came over to Largo today to look at the 40’ yacht which is being built for them at

See  for examples of Island Yachts.

It’s a gorgeous boat.  Soon it will be taken by road from Largo to Fort Pierce FL where it will be launched.  Then Steven’s parents will sail her down to the American Virgin Islands.

So I met Steven’s Mom and Dad, and his brother Andrew, and saw the yacht.  Then we all drove to a pretty good Greek Restaurant for lunch.  We sat at separate tables so that I could get caught up with Steven (who treated me to a fine Greek Spinach Pie).

(I encountered the capabilities of an I-phone for the first time. Whilst we are at the Yacht builder’s yard we agreed to go to a nearby Greek Restaurant which Steven’s parents had patronised before.Trouble was – they could not remember its name.
So Andrew “asked” his I-phone‘ for information about nearby Greek restaurants.  Sure enough the I-phone “woman” (whose “name” I forget) came up with the information we needed.)

It was a nice reunion with Steven, and I was so happy to meet his folks.

Whilst en-route I passed by a Thrift Store at Gandy Boulevard in Pinellas Park, FL. 

I am not sure if the humour in the sign is deliberate or accidental!

Steven and jmp

Thrift Store

Monday, 26 December 2011

Back in Australia Street scenes in Adelaide and Melbourne

Hindley St Adelaide. My hotel was here.  It's a very lively street at night, but it felt safe

Pleasant Victorian era arcade in Adelaide

St Peters's (Anglican Cathedral) Adelaide

Cathedral from outside

Government House Adelaide

Schoolboy cricketers, Glen Elg (near Adelaide)

St. Paul's (Anglican) Cathedral, Melbourne

St Paul's Cathedral from Melbourne Visitor's Centre
Very handsome Flinders St Railway Station, Melbourne

Modern architecture Melbourbe

Victorian Row Cottages Melbourne

Victorian Row Houses, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Statue Ballaratt (a Gold Rush Town)


Melbourne Skyline from River Yarra