Friday, 30 December 2011

My last full day in Australia (15th December 2011)

Enough already?  Here is the last posting of photo’s from my Australian trip earlier this month.  
They are of the lovely Blue Mountains area near Sydney.  I took one of those dreadful day-trips to this area on my last full day (20 minutes here, 10 minutes there etc -  just enough time to take photo’s, but not enough time to savour the scenery).  But it was better than nothing.

In some ways my mind is still in Australia (I know this cos I dreamed about it last night).  It was a wonderful trip for which I will have grateful memories for a long time.

Blue Mountain view from Cable Car

View from Incline Railway 1

Incline Railway View 2

Hazy Blue Mountains.. The blueish colour is emitted from the many eucalyptus tress.

"Three Sisters" (1)

"Three Sisters" (2)

View from the Incline Railway

In the Rain Forest

Blue Mountains general view 1

Blue Mountains general view 2

Blue Mountains general view 3

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