Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sydney scenes

Here are some pictures from Sydney.  I am sure that many of them show familiar places, but it’s different when you are “there”.  (Incidentally, I think that the Opera House “shows” better in photo’s than up close. It seems to need a coat or two of paint). Tomorrow, some pictures of lovely Australian countryside.

Oldest House in Sydney

"The Rocks" area one of my favourite parts of Sydney

The Rocks (2)

"Relief" of immigrants at the Rocks area

Opera House from the Harbour Bridge

Walking over the Harbour Bridge

Strange to my eyes - the Chinese Nationalist Party of Australasia?  Maybe an older  political party from  the time when there was Legislative discrimination against Chinese-Australians.

Harbour Bridge close up.  Not a view we often see

Hotel in Sydney. "You can take the boy out of Bristol, but you cannot take Bristol out of Australia!"

Everyone, but everyone photographs the bridge!

Opera House close up

Sydney Skyline from the Harbour

Sydney Skyline from the Harbour (2)

The beginning of my walk over the Harbour Bridge

Posh Houses Harbourside

The much vaunted Manly Beach  (not a patch upon Sarasota's Siesta Key beaches!)
Sydney's handsome Central Station. "Meet you under the clock at Central 

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