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DANGER ZONE (Preaching again)

Despite what I wrote earlier in the year I have not entirely quit preaching. Tomorrow  I'll be down at St. David's Episcopal Church in Englewood FL.

I am fond of many of the worshippers there, so I agreed to "sub" because their Priest-in-Charge" will be out of town.

(A note for non Church attenders: --- in the Episcopal Church, and in  many others, we use assigned passages each Sunday. We read a lot of scripture - a reading from the Old Testament; a Psalm; another reading from the Epistles etc, and a final reading from the Gospels).

All too much scripture (in my humble opinion) and not enough time to reflect on it.

The sad norm in the Episcopal Church is to more or less ignore the O.T. and Epistle readings, and to preach on the Gospel. 'Tis too bad - for there is much in other parts of the bible which is profitable - and necessary.

The Gospel reading tomorrow is the famed "Good  Samaritan" passage (see below).

I will not preach on this Gospel passa…

Food, glorious summer food

It's peach season  --  so I made some Peach Salsa today

See this simple  recipe:

It was "damn good", and I had some for supper/dinner, together with some homemade Tuna Salad.

Tasty, nutritious, and healthy.


You too can make this.

To Republicans (USA) or Tories (UK): who are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

To my Republican/Tory friends:

I respect that you are "right of centre" by honest and prayerful  conviction.

I know that you too respect my "left of centre" stance.

But we, as Christians,  (Republican or Democrats)  should be very concerned at this video which mocks and disparages the poor, see:  (please  cut and paste this link to your browser)

(video via my friend Karen N)

There is nothing gracious  in the sentiments it expresses. It is not biblical.

See for instance -   Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things".

Indeed the video explicitly denies the teaching of Jesus who said"Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Luke 6:20

And the video is in direct opposition to what Jesus is recorded to have said in Matthew's Gospel: …

Dog Bed

I bought a new bed for my good dog Penne earlier today.

I think that she likes it.

My fabulous "big sister" Maureen. (and the men's final at Wimbledon)

I chatted yesterday (July 6th 2013) with my fabulous big sister Maureen on the occasion of her 76th birthday.

Maureen is just about one of the most wonderful women I have known -  and she is my sister.

She is utterly respected and loved by her husband Bernard; by her three daughters and her one son, by her sons-in-law and her daughter-in-law, by her grandchildren....

and especially by her eight siblings.

I am one of those sibs, and I could not wish for a better and more inspiring sister.

I thank God for her, and for all those thoughts of her which bring me such joy and hope, and which encourage me towards deeper faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


With all of that in mind, I called my youngest brother Martyn this afternoon (July 7th). We found easy agreement in our love and respect for our oldest sister.

Martyn is making an incredible recovery from his May 26th 2013 surgery  -  thanks be to the doctors and nurses at  Frenchay Hospital in Brist…