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Peregrinations May 17/18


Neighbours - strange - and wonderful

I stopped by today  to chat with my neighbour D, on whose driveway we found E. on Wednesday morning  at 5:00 a.m. (see yesterday's blog).

E. was prone on the ground. She was yelling, screaming, and clearly hallucinating.

Here's the kicker.  D. told me that she had seen E. walking out  at 10:00 or 11:00 on  Tuesday night; that she observed E. losing her trousers and pulling them up, and then falling down.

D. added that she had looked out of her window at about 4:00 a.m. and noticed that E. was still on the ground.

But D. did not call 911 - 'cause she didn't want to be involved. Go figure.  How strange.

Thus E. had been helpless for at least six night time hours.


Last year when I went to Vietnam, a good neighbour named Kathy (I can use her real name!) agreed to stop by each morning and evening to check on my cats; to make sure that they had plenty of fresh water and dry food; to give them their morning and evening te…

All in a day's work (not quite)

Do you remember my tales about my neighbour E----- T?  We share a driveway.
She's the one who has been at war with the world for many a long day.

In her oral skirmishes with me I have been accused of a sinful relationship with my mother (I am NOT a m/f ), and she has voiced some incorrect descriptions of my mother character (I am NOT an S.O.B.).

I am the least of her victims, but I decided some years ago (for safety's sake)  that conversation with E   was unproductive, so that when we encountered each other I limited my words to a simple :good morning" or "good afternoon".

It was probably eighteen months ago that she called out "I think that we should talk again".  I told her that I agreed - but I remained wary and "watched my words".

When sometime last year she became very ill (congestive heart failure and many complications)
I was glad that she and I were talking again. This made it easier for me to visit her in the hospital. 

She was half …

A dear friend and gentle rainfall.

A dear friend.
Just ahead of my holiday in the U.K. I spent an hour or so this evening  with my new (since 2008) and beloved friend Betty.  She is the almost nonagenarian ex-Marine who lives in nearby Glen Oaks Manor Estates. 

This evening we each drank a soda, and nibbled on fish crackers.

Damn -  she is such a hot ticket.  She is entirely and unquestionably liberal in her politics; she has a quick and ready wit;  she adores my dog Penne (the feeling is mutual);  and I enjoy every  minute of her company.

We were togetherfor this short while to enjoy each others company before my vacation in the U.K.

Betty gave me $10  - so that I can have a wee treat on my holiday,

Although I am reluctant to receive money from older folks, it seemed to be meet and right
to accept this  loving gift,

Gentle rainfall As Penne and I walked home we heard  soft rumbling thunder -  no loud crashes, just that good thunder which we can enjoy from a distance.  Fortunately Penne is never bothered by thunder and …

Dogs know.

Penne has been unusually clingy these recent few days.  She knows that I will be going away.

I had a wee chat with her this afternoon.  I rubbed my forehead on to her forehead  (she loves this), all the while whispering to her that "yes, Papa is going away but he will come back, and you  will be with Ron and Charlotte who love and care for you".

Of course Penne has relaxed after this whisper-fest.

In the meantime, overly concerned Papa that I am, I worried because Penne was paying special attention to her anus -  licking it, and also scooting across the carpet to "scratch" it.

I was concerned because Penne recently had an infection on one of her anal glands.  I thought that it might have returned.

So off we went to see the Vet.  Penne is fine -  her glands are in good shape.  The vet thinks that her licking and carpet scratching behavior is because of the air-borne allergens that bother Floridian canines at this time of the year, and which had sorely distressed Pen…

Baby food in Church - and the decline of the Episcopal Church.

On Sunday mornings I join with other Christians at a local congregation in order to:

worship God,
to pray with others,
to enjoy the company of other believers,
to receive bread and wine in a commemoration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ,
and to be challenged towards a deeper faithfulness and obedience  to God -  and to deeper concern (and action)  for the sad, sorrowful and unjust world which God loves so much.
I do not "go to Church" to be amused by sermons, or to be entertained with music.

I am frequently disappointed.
I hope that I worship.
I know that I pray.
I am glad to be with other believers,  and to eat the bread and drink the wine which is filled with Christ.
But oh those sermons,  how feeble they are, how utterly inconsequential, how devoid of challenge to obedient discipleship.

Such was the case at my local Episcopal parish today.

We had a guest preacher.

His sermon sheer pabulum as he tried and failed (as well he might) to connect the civic holiday called Mo…