Thursday, 15 May 2014

Neighbours - strange - and wonderful

I stopped by today  to chat with my neighbour D, on whose driveway we found E. on Wednesday morning  at 5:00 a.m. (see yesterday's blog).

E. was prone on the ground. She was yelling, screaming, and clearly hallucinating.

Here's the kicker.  D. told me that she had seen E. walking out  at 10:00 or 11:00 on  Tuesday night; that she observed E. losing her trousers and pulling them up, and then falling down.

D. added that she had looked out of her window at about 4:00 a.m. and noticed that E. was still on the ground.

But D. did not call 911 - 'cause she didn't want to be involved. Go figure.  How strange.

Thus E. had been helpless for at least six night time hours.


Last year when I went to Vietnam, a good neighbour named Kathy (I can use her real name!) agreed to stop by each morning and evening to check on my cats; to make sure that they had plenty of fresh water and dry food; to give them their morning and evening teaspoon-full of wet food; and to clean their litter boxes.

I told Kathy that I would pay her.  She vehemently resisted this idea saying "neighbours help neighbours".  I pressed her -  but without success.

When I got back from Vietnam I wrote a check for a decent amount, but I did not fill in the name of the payee.   I gave the  check to Kathy and said "you can do what you wish with this".  Kathy made the check payable to our Humane Society and mailed it to them.

Kathy, (with another neighbour named Betty as a back up), has gladly agreed to give cat care again this year when I travel to the U.K. and Norway.

When we chatted she said "and you can send a check to the All Faiths Food Bank to support their summer feeding programme for at-risk children"

Darn it all Kathy -  you are so smart, so wise.  You will bless me by taking care of my cats, then you will pass that blessing on for the benefit of children.  How wonderful.

I have already written the check for the Food Bank.

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