Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A dear friend and gentle rainfall.

A dear friend.

Just ahead of my holiday in the U.K. I spent an hour or so this evening  with my new (since 2008) and beloved friend Betty.  She is the almost nonagenarian ex-Marine who lives in nearby Glen Oaks Manor Estates. 

This evening we each drank a soda, and nibbled on fish crackers.

Damn -  she is such a hot ticket.  She is entirely and unquestionably liberal in her politics; she has a quick and ready wit;  she adores my dog Penne (the feeling is mutual);  and I enjoy every  minute of her company.

We were together for this short while to enjoy each others company before my vacation in the U.K.

Betty gave me $10  - so that I can have a wee treat on my holiday,

Although I am reluctant to receive money from older folks, it seemed to be meet and right
to accept this  loving gift,

Gentle rainfall
As Penne and I walked home we heard  soft rumbling thunder -  no loud crashes, just that good thunder which we can enjoy from a distance.  Fortunately Penne is never bothered by thunder and lightning storms.
And there was gentle warm rain.  We walked together, Penne unfazed, and I (sans parapluie) enjoying nature's baptism.

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