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Anti-Muslim activity will lead to nothing good: A conservative Prime Minister knows this!

Of course the anti-Muslim movements in the U.S.A. and in western Europe are as bad as the anti-Jewish movements in Italy, France and Germany, which caused so much miserable violence and slaughter between 1933 and 1945. Just as there is no wisdom in being unreservedly anti-Semitic, there is no wisdom in being unreservedly anti-Islam,  (or being anti-Christian in certain majority Muslim States in the near-East, and in parts of Africa). (Note also that there have been Christian massacres of Muslims in places such as Nigeria and the Central African Republic.) But the anti- Islam movements have some traction. For instance:  In Germany In France Jewish students also be forced to eat pork,  or go hungry?) In the U.S.A, ( British and American …

The wisdom of Ed. Rodman

Ed Rodman is a Priest in the (American) Episcopal Church. I got to know him a bit when I was the Rector at St. James's Church in Cambridge MA, and he hung his shingle at the Episcopal Divinity in that City. Here is a bit of "Ed Rodman Wisdom". I think that he uttered this for  the benefit of seminarians. But I suggest that his wisdom is good for all of us

========================================================= The wisdom of Canon Ed Rodman (as reported by Dr. Ruy Costa, Executive Director, Episcopal City Mission [Boston] in the Fall 2007  edition of the ECM newsletter). Here it is. a. watch for the type of weapon you will use to kill the mosquito on your forehead; b. nothing hasa greater hold on the mindsof people than ignorance fraught with technicalities;

c. never forget that the most dangerous thing in the world is to attempt to leap a chasm in two jumps; and,

d. never believe your own propaganda.

Healthy snack food ( available at Publix in South West Florida)

Healthy snack food ( available at Publix in South West Florida) and maybe in other places.

Do try the LEASA brand "Snack Sprouts".  They contain "Sprouted Adzuki, Lentil and Mung Beans"

No GMO's. Cholesterol or Preservatives.

Very tasty too!


New England Patriots/Professional Sport?...... and God.

My level of interest in sports of all kinds is at the same level as the Dali Lama's interest in Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  When I served parishes in Massachusetts I  feigned a passion for the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.  I did so for reasons of job security. (Of  course I am mildly pleased when my home teams [Red Sox, Patriots, Bristol City Football Club] do well, but there is nothing passionate about my pleasure). In these United States there is much ado and twitter about the possibility that the said New England Patriots used slightly under-inflated footballs in their recent game against the Indianapolis Colts, allegedly to give them some game advantage.  The "twittersphere" is already replete with the postings of a million or so experts; lining up, expounding their theories, taking sides, and saying nothing. I am sure that you have read this dreary story.  If it was the case that the footballs were deliberately under-inflated, then the Patriots …

My letter to a School District Superintendent in Alabama who banned a school history club from attending a movie.

Here's the story.

Here is my letter to the School District Superintendent

Dear Superintendent Taylor, I write as a Christian, and as one who is glad to be an American citizen (by choice, not by birth). Given that the media is not always accurate in its reporting I offer a disclaimer if what I read was incorrect. But I understand that you have forbidden the members of a History Club at one of your High Schools to attend a screening of the movie "Selma", on the grounds that some of the language in that movie is "profane". Please correct me if that report is incorrect. However, if you have been reported accurately,  I must ask if there are "Bible Clubs", or Christian groups which are sponsored or allowed in the DeKalb County School District. If this is the case then you might  (and I am utterly serious) forbid the reading of the Holy Bible by those clubs/groups, o…

Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot on Siesta Key FL

Judy Beers was the secretary at St. James's, Cambridge, MA when I was the Rector. When I retired to Sarasota she introduced me to her SRQ friends, Ron and Charlotte Thompson. It was a fruitful introduction.  Ron, Charlotte and I delight in each others company. Judy has been visiting them from Wakefield, MA  down here in SRQ.  So I took her out for lunch today at our local "Turtles" Restaurant on Siesta Key.  Despite the chill in the air we sat outside and enjoyed the view of Little Sarasota Bay.   Judy ate "Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi" , and I had a very good Crab Cake. I wanted to have a photo' of Judy and me.  So as we were leaving I saw a pleasant looking "sixty something" couple at their table, We greeted them, nd I said to the man  "you look to be above average intelligence, so would you be willing to take our photo'".   He  and his wife "got" my humour, and burst into laughter.  He took a great "snap"  (see b…

Pillar Box

The Pillar Box pictured below is (or was) in Ramsgate, Kent, U.K. Eagle eyes will notice something unusual about it.   Here is a hint, from a pillar box in Bupham, Surrey