Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My letter to a School District Superintendent in Alabama who banned a school history club from attending a movie.

Here's the story.


Here is my letter to the School District Superintendent

Dear Superintendent Taylor,
I write as a Christian, and as one who is glad to be an American citizen (by choice, not by birth).
Given that the media is not always accurate in its reporting I offer a disclaimer if what I read was incorrect.
But I understand that you have forbidden the members of a History Club at one of your High Schools to attend a screening of the movie "Selma", on the grounds that some of the language in that movie is "profane".
Please correct me if that report is incorrect.
However, if you have been reported accurately,  I must ask if there are "Bible Clubs", or Christian groups which are sponsored or allowed in the DeKalb County School District.
If this is the case then you might  (and I am utterly serious) forbid the reading of the Holy Bible by those clubs/groups, on the basis that it carries stories of rape; of incest; of assassination  (Deborah and Sisera), and of genocide.  Surely since these biblical accounts are also "profane" your logic should suggest that no student in DeKalb District should be exposed to such horrible biblical texts.
With every good wish,
J. Michael Povey

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