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Separating Immigrant Families: THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE American history you have probably missed.

There have been rallies coast to coast today to witness against the cruel and unusual punishments which are being visited upon would be immigrants by the Trump/Sessions regime.

Pictured above is the Boston Rally which was addressed by the always magnificent Senator Elizabeth Warren  (D. MA.)

I am not certain that the rallies will change the (closed) minds of any of the leaders of the current administration in the White House, and in the Congress.   

But they will strengthen the resolve of patriotic citizens in the streets and in the Congress who are calling Americans to their better angels.

Some of these wise and worthy patriots hold banners which read "This is not who we are" in reference to the current immigration policies and directives.

SORRY  but this a a part of who we have always been,  since the chilling descriptions of native American  in the Declaration of Independence as "merciless Indian Savages"; and the fudge on slavery in the Constitutional settlement.


Make up your mind PLEASE

Posters in an elevator at Anchin Pavilion, Sarasota.

Zion and I were at Anchin for our dog therapy visits.  Here are the five posters on the walls of the elevator.

Who knew that June could be so busy day.

I am rooting for National Accordion Month on the basis that there is only one more full day in June 2018.

The number 83 'bus.

I grew up on Devon Road in the Whitehall district of Bristol, U.K. 

It was by no means a major thoroughfare, but as a youngster I thought it to be a very important road, 'cause it was on a 'bus route.

The route was number 83.  It was served by Bristol built single decker buses, very much like the 1938 model portrayed here.

I remember taking the number 83 into "town" with my mother. (To this day the shopping area in the centre of Bristol is referred to as "town",  e.g.  "I went into town"). 

My  particular memory  was probably from  1949/50/51 but  there was something different about this especial  'bus.  

The seats were not upholstered.  Nor were they plastic (which had not been created).

Rather,  they were wooden slat seats, rather like a park bench.  I asked Mum about this.  "Oh", she said "it's a utility 'bus.".

"Utility"   that was the name attached to furniture, clothing etc which was made in the U.K. during…

My ear worm du jour.

From where in my memory did this early 20th Century song come?

My Old Man is a music hall song written in 1919[1] by Fred W. Leigh and Charles Collins, made popular by Marie Lloyd. The song, although humorous, also reflects some of the hardships of working class life in London at the beginning of the 20th century. It joined a music hall tradition of dealing with life in a determinedly upbeat fashion. In the song a couple are obliged to move house, after dark, because they cannot pay their rent. At the time the song was written, most London houses were rented, so moving in a hurry – a moonlight flit – was common when the husband lost his job or there was insufficient money to pay the rent. The couple rush to fill up the van, and its tailboard, with their possessions, in case the landlord appears. When the van is packed up, however, there is no room left for the wife. The husband therefore instructs her to follow the van, which she does, carrying the pet bird. U…


MOHS surgery today with my Dermatological Surgeon.

Please resist  the temptation  to send this photo'  to G.Q. Magazine.

Heart sound (yeah) and other matters.

I had a follow up today at Heart Specialists of Sarasota following my cardiac procedure last year.

The news was good.  My heart rate is perfect, as is my blood pressure.  My next follow up is not for a year.

I like the Heart Specialists practice.  Every member of staff is friendly and amenable, and the appointments are always on time.

My surgeon is one Dr. Frederick Yturralde.  He is extremely skilled.  His "bedside manner" is so great that I want to greet him by saying "Hallo Fred"!.

Since my follow up was uncomplicated we had time to chat about other matters.

We pondered about the importance of good information and "facts".

We agreed that information and facts have a very limited range when it comes to behaviour.


The Diabetic will nod her/his head in assent in the Doctor's Office when given information about diet,  but continue to cheat on dietary  restrictions.

The Cardiac patient will receive sound information, but continue to smoke.

The Alcoholic will…

Brexit Humour

On Saturday 23rd June 2018  some 100,000 remainers ( people who believe that the U.K should remain in the European Union) marched through the streets of London.  Some of their posters/banners were very funny.  

Four of the most obnoxious remainers:  Tory  M.P.'s Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove, right wing gadfly Nigel Farage, and Tory M.P. Boris Johnson.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

As they might say in Massachusetts  "Wicked Funny".

Speaks for itself

Inept Prime Minister Theresa May, and Indecisive Leader of the (Parliamentary) Opposition Jeremy Corbyn (in her handbag) prepare to jump off the white cliffs of Dover.


As …