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Sermon for 26th October 2016:  The Revd. J. Michael Povey at St. David’s Episcopal Church, South Yarmouth, MA.
Isaiah 2:2-4; Ephesians 2:13-22; Luke 10:1-9
** Cyfarchion yn enw yr Arglwydd Jesys

Greetings:first to Bishop Gates.  Although I live and minister in Sarasota FL he is my Bishop.  I am glad to be part of the Diocese of Massachusetts. Bishop Gates and I first met when, in 1990, he became the Rector at Trinity Church in Ware, MA.   He looked so young.  I thought, “my goodness, we are now ordaining school boys!”  He and I knew each other well enough, and we liked and respected each other.
The he was whisked away to Lake Forest, IL to serve with the Revd. George Councell.  George  (whom I’d also known in Western MA) subsequently became the Bishop of New Jersey.    From Lake Forest our Bishop went to Cleveland, OH where his Bishop was Mark Hollingsworth – who had been the Archdeacon in Massachusetts.
Alan Gates had excellent mentors in Bishops Councell and Hollingsworth.
 secondto Becky …

Cape Cod: The travel and the trip

Saint David's Episcopal Church, South Yarmouth, MA
The Travel

It was a three day/two night escape from the warmth of Sarasota to the bone-chilling and windy Cape Cod  (I am getting soft in my old age).
I flew Delta, SRQ-ATL-BOS and back.
Travel is a pain.To be sure Delta gave top flight service with each of the four flights departing on time, and arriving on time (or earlier). But I find flying to be stressful, especially when it involves a change of flights in Atlanta.
Everyone goes to heaven or to hell, but they all change in Atlanta.
One can feel the tension increasing about 45 minutes before boarding time. Travelers begin to crowd at the gate, anxious lest they fail to board; worried lest the flight be late. Boarding is increasingly troublesome, especially since some flyers attempt to convince the gate agent that their steamer trunk is small enough to fit in an overhead bin.  I wish that checked baggage was free, and that there was a stuff fee for the use of an overhead bin!