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I am not in the least bit sentimental!

Pictured above are four objects which have graced my home for many a year.

First: A needle pointed coaster which Hope Haug, mother of my friend Jay Haug, gave me as a Christmas tree ornament in 1976. I have treasured it all these years. It is now the coaster on which I place my cup of coffee or glass of water on a wee table, right next to the chair which I use for my afternoon reading.

Second: The "soccer loving monk" - a little pewter made paper weight which Irene Rokowski, (mother of my good friend Joe), brought back for me from the trip to Germany that she took with her husband Ray in about 1986.

Third: A "faux" cut glass ash tray which once belonged to my dear Great Aunt Maud. My Mum scavenged this from Aunt Maud's tiny flat in Birmingham. Great Aunt Maud was a simple soul. She had been estranged from her family for many years, but when she re-connected with her niece (my Mum) she became a family favourite.

Fourth: The nail care kit which my oldest si…

Protestant hackles!


If I could teach my darling dog Penne to speak, I would start with five words.

I'd teach her to say "Michael, I need to stop".

That way I'd have advance notice of her "pee stops".

As it is she stops on a dime, with no warning,  And she stops firmly.  I am sure that one of these days her sudden stop will rip my arm out of its socket!

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