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English as the official language of these United States?

There's yet another effort (sigh!) to declare English to be the official language of the United States of America.

If it succeeds I wonder what we shall call "Grand Teton" Mountain?

Just askin'

Female peacocks?

From the Longboat Key (FL) Observer.(Beginning of Observer story)

Kip O’Neill hears the peacocks stomping on the roof of her Longbeach Village home every morning. When she takes a quick trip to Publix, she returns to find that peacocks have torn up her plants. And, recently, when she went to her neighborhood book club discussion, participants had to use a side entrance because the peacocks had left behind droppings near the front of the house.

“It’s hard to live like this when every day there’s something peacock-related,” she said.

Although the peacocks are controversial — some residents love them, while others hate them — many Village residents say that the current system for removal, for which the town gives the Longbeach Village Association money, most recently $2,400 last March, to hire a company to remove the birds, doesn’t work.

Former Longboat Key Town Commissioner Gene Jaleski, who worked to bring the peacock issue to the commission’s attention two years ago, said that he counted …

Yeah for NPR. Fie on Republican Representatives - (and memories from many years ago)

As an avid listener to National Public Radio (in these United States), I am angered and distressed that our Republican dominated House of Representatives has voted to cut off all funding to NPR.
It seems to me that our current crop of Republican legislators are in thrall to the appalling “Fox News” (a Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine), and are opposed to the brilliant and insightful programmes which come our way via NPR.
The fabulous “Diane Rehm Show” is a classic example of the non-partisan programming which NPR enables. There is no other broadcast media which would enable us to listen to programmes such as this one which featured the courageous women of Afghanistansee:
Thank goodness for NPR, (which brings us the stories which the mainstream media has ignored).
As I listened to this NPR/Diane Rehm programme my mind was turned to my youth.I have faded memories of the days when my older sisters (Mauree…

Great Americans in 17th and 21st Century Massachusetts

I was in my element this afternoon as I delivered a lecture on Anne Marbury Hutchinson at All Angels Church in Longboat Key, FL. I lectured for about 45 minutes, and then took questions. What fun. Anne Hutchinson is one of my heroes. See:
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and also

Meanwhile in Massachusetts Bob Massie is preparing to run as a candidate for election to the U.S. Senate. See:

It matters not to me if you are a Democratic, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or Tea Party.
What does matter to me is that Bob and his family are dear friends of mine. They were parishioners at St. James’s in Cambridge, MA where I was Rector from 2000- 2006. I enjoyed their friendship and hospitality on so many occasions. I believe that Bob Massie could be a GREAT Senator. I am sorry that I will…

The "news" is all too much.

The headline news: First it was Tunisia.  Then Egypt. Then Libya.

Next we were taken to New Zealand and the ghastly earthquake in Christ Church.  Then back to Libya for a day or two.

Moving on we were directed to Japan, and an even more awful earthquake, tsunami, and possible nuclear catastrophe.

No matter where we get news -  from radio, T.V., internet, or those old fashioned things known as newspapers, the news has been the same.

Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. New Zealand. Libya again.   And now Japan.

Even as we express our concern about Japan we forget New Zealand.

Even as we fret about Libya we forget Iraq, Afghanistan and the “jokers in the pack” -  Iran and Israel.


Ron and Charlotte worry themselves sick about the cancer which is all to present in the body of their daughter-in-law Liz.

Martyn and Wendy are still so very concerned about Brenda’s cancer.

Elliot wonders “what will be” as his partner Jesse battles that same old bastard known as cancer.

In Sarasota, four teenagers were kill…

That was the week that was.

The eight days between March 6th and 13th were filled with riches.
Sunday 6th saw me presiding at St. Boniface’s 9:00 a.m. Eucharist -  a joy and honour for me!  

In the afternoon I was at the Sarasota Opera for a performance of Verdi’s “I Lombardi Alla Prima Crociarta” (The Lombards on the First Crusade).  It’s one of Verdi’s early operas.  The musicians were excellent, but it’s not much of an opera!  Nonetheless, I was so happy to be able to “dress up and get out”.
On Shrove Tuesday our wonderful English parishioner M-riel Qu-nn hosted a lovely feast in her home.  The company was good and the food was excellent. As a bonus we were treated to some live after dinner music from a pianist and a cellist.
I was back at St. Boniface’s for the early (7:30 a.m.) Ash Wednesday service -  which led me into a peaceful. meditative and quiet day.
By Thursday I was ready for dinner with my Pittsfield friends J-ack and P-t Mc.Laughl-n.  They now live in New Hampshire, and come here every year for a thre…

On a lighter note (3)

(Cartoon via Bob Ginn)