Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hiatus until August 26th

I'll be away from SRQ from Aug 20th until Aug 25th.

Look for my next entry on Aug 26th.

In the meantime I'll be in Maine, mostly on the island of North Haven where I will preach on Sunday 23rd.,_Maine

I'll be back in touch next week.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

When someone cares

This morning I spent an hour or so with my colleague the Revd. Andi (Andrea) Taylor. We talked about so many of those things which are important in our professional and personal lives. And we prayed together.

It was a blessed time.

As George Elliot is reputed to have written:

“Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,
Having never to weigh thoughts or measure words,
But pour them all out, just as they are –
Grain and chaff together -
Knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them.
Then, keep what is worth keeping,
And with the breath of kindness – blow the rest away.”

I called my brother Stephen on his 57th birthday. As ever, it was good to refresh our filial love.

I had a long chat with my friend Joe, in London. We had serious moments, and we got to be silly.

Joe and his girl friend were about to go for dinner at a Sushi Bar.

I asked him if it was a “Chi-Chi Sushi Bar”, and if it was next door to a “Chi-Chi Shoe Shine Stall”.

“Yes”, he replied – and there is also a “Chi-Chi Sea Shell Store”.

Try these silly tongue twisters. I hope that you will giggle as much as Joe and I did.

What is cool is that I could dial my brother direct. 30 years ago the call would have been via a Telephone Operator.

Joe and I talked using “Skype” with Video. We could see each other.
Do you remember the days when Video-calling was a far off dream?

Later in the afternoon I walked with my dog (Penne). I went to the home of my very good friend Ben, now 86 or 87 years old. I had worried all day since I had not heard from him.

I told him of my concern. He was grateful for this, and countered that he too worries about me.

When you live alone it is good to know that someone else cares.

Monday, 17 August 2009

The dreadful decay of society - a perspective

From Max Nordau

Decay (in society) (has been brought about)

by Wagner’s Music, Ibsen’s Dramas, Manet’s pictures, Tolstoy’s novels, Nietzsche’s philosophy, -----

---- in Anarchism, Socialism, women’s dress, madness, suicide, nervous diseases, drug addiction, dancing, (and) sexual licence,

all of which (are combining) to produce a society without self control, discipline or shame – which is “ marching to its certain ruin because it is too worn out and flaccid to perform great tasks”.

(Written in 1893 and quoted in Barbara Tuchman’s history “Proud Tower” - a portrait of the world in the years 1890 – 1914 before the [Great] War.)

(P.S. I wrote my blog yesterday simply to use the words "sardonic" and "insouciance". ( Tee- hee)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Anger, Brussels Sprouts and Insouciance

My blogs have been “light” in recent days.

This is because I am so angry about the anger in this country that I am all but incoherent! (Note sardonic humour)

Besides which, no-one is listening - we are too busy yelling to be able to hear.

But there is solace! I broiled a bit of steak for lunch today, and that was alright.

More splendid and entirely tasty was the mélange of vegetables which I sautéed in canola oil to eat alongside the steak - leeks, Portobello mushrooms and Brussels sprouts.

I have banished the cats to the Lanai at night. Ada loves to sleep with me, but when she does so I itch all night (must be the cat dander).

Adelaide is happy to be in the Lanai, but Ada hates it, and yowls in protest when I carry her there.

The sleeping arrangement bothers Penne, my dog, who spends the night at the foot of my bed.

In the morning, just as soon as Penne hears me making coffee she makes her stand by the door to the Lanai, whimpering with excitement.

As soon as I open the door Penne rushes into the Lanai and “checks” on Ada and Adelaide – sniffing them and wagging her tail with apparent relief that they are still here.

Adelaide especially welcomes this attention.

Ada doesn’t care – either way.

Penne is the neediest of my animals. She is as neurotic as I, and loves every bit of attention.

Adelaide can be very whiney, or very sweet, depending on the time of day (and whether or not she is getting her own way).

Ada is entirely in⋅sou⋅ci⋅ant. Two square meals and the occasional smoothing is all that she requires.