Monday, 17 August 2009

The dreadful decay of society - a perspective

From Max Nordau

Decay (in society) (has been brought about)

by Wagner’s Music, Ibsen’s Dramas, Manet’s pictures, Tolstoy’s novels, Nietzsche’s philosophy, -----

---- in Anarchism, Socialism, women’s dress, madness, suicide, nervous diseases, drug addiction, dancing, (and) sexual licence,

all of which (are combining) to produce a society without self control, discipline or shame – which is “ marching to its certain ruin because it is too worn out and flaccid to perform great tasks”.

(Written in 1893 and quoted in Barbara Tuchman’s history “Proud Tower” - a portrait of the world in the years 1890 – 1914 before the [Great] War.)

(P.S. I wrote my blog yesterday simply to use the words "sardonic" and "insouciance". ( Tee- hee)

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