Sunday, 16 August 2009

Anger, Brussels Sprouts and Insouciance

My blogs have been “light” in recent days.

This is because I am so angry about the anger in this country that I am all but incoherent! (Note sardonic humour)

Besides which, no-one is listening - we are too busy yelling to be able to hear.

But there is solace! I broiled a bit of steak for lunch today, and that was alright.

More splendid and entirely tasty was the mélange of vegetables which I sautéed in canola oil to eat alongside the steak - leeks, Portobello mushrooms and Brussels sprouts.

I have banished the cats to the Lanai at night. Ada loves to sleep with me, but when she does so I itch all night (must be the cat dander).

Adelaide is happy to be in the Lanai, but Ada hates it, and yowls in protest when I carry her there.

The sleeping arrangement bothers Penne, my dog, who spends the night at the foot of my bed.

In the morning, just as soon as Penne hears me making coffee she makes her stand by the door to the Lanai, whimpering with excitement.

As soon as I open the door Penne rushes into the Lanai and “checks” on Ada and Adelaide – sniffing them and wagging her tail with apparent relief that they are still here.

Adelaide especially welcomes this attention.

Ada doesn’t care – either way.

Penne is the neediest of my animals. She is as neurotic as I, and loves every bit of attention.

Adelaide can be very whiney, or very sweet, depending on the time of day (and whether or not she is getting her own way).

Ada is entirely in⋅sou⋅ci⋅ant. Two square meals and the occasional smoothing is all that she requires.

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