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Zion and I were at a Memory Unit as part of our Pet Therapy work.  

"Shotsy" was also there  -  he was visiting his "Mom" who lives in that unit.

The two dogs encountered each other.  I think that this black and white edited version of their meeting is classic.

Descended from Wolves? The tall and the short of it.

'Tis sometimes hard to comprehend that our dogs in all their shapes, sizes, skills and looks all have a common wolverine  ancestry.

Case in point.  My Zion, 64 lbs perhaps a Great Pyrenees and Brittany mix.  (Brittanys are no longer called Brittany Spaniels)   

and Sara, 10 lbs?  a wee, chocolate brown miniature poodle. (Sara is named for Sara-sota).

Sara lives down the street with her mother  Barbara "Bobbie"  Ledford.

We visited today.  What fun!


From Paul Dellegato, Fox 13 (via Sharon Ingalsbe Alden)

Paul Dellegato writes: What a great pic from Emerson Point in Palmetto. We have the sun illuminating a thunderstorm in the distance while a heron takes flight in the foreground. Very very nice. Credit: Heidi Stebbings Scott‎

Books, algorithms, the internet , and cheap Christianity.

I ordered a book published by the respected Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (based in Grand Rapids, MI).

The books is 

N.B.  Dana L Robert is the Truman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission at the Boston University School of Theology. We are friends,  and had dinner together in Lakeland, FL about two months ago. I look forward to reading her book.


As a result of my internet order and the mystery of algorithms, I have found myself to be on the e-mailing list of
(based in Peabody MA). I'll be unsubscribing soon!.

BUT NOT BEFORE I draw your attention to an unfortunate advert from said

Harrumph!  Is that what we are called to by the Gospel?

"Everything Christian for Less" A discounted and less costly faith than the teachings of Jesus demand?

Dear preacher, pastor, minister, priestly friends: ask Oscar Romero, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr  …

Time to "Fess Up"

Indeed I took a day trip to Inverness  -  but to the City of Inverness in Citrus County, Florida -  about 126 miles north of Sarasota.

A bit of context ..(which will make deeper sense for some St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL parishioners,and for some of my family members who have visited me from England).

I traveled to Inverness and back with my good friend Ashley Lloyd.

Ashley is the daughter of (the Revd) Jack Chrisman and Donna Chrisman.    We went to Inverness and back today, to spend time with Donna Chrisman's sister Barbara - (Ashley's aunt).

We had a good lunch together,  in the very attractive old town area of Inverness, at "Stumpleknockers" in the old Town Square.

Stumpleknocker was not on the menu.  I had a very decent piece of Gulf of Mexico Grouper.

After lunch Barbara's neighbour Stan kindly took us for a one hour ride on Henderson Lake, on his pontoon boat.  Oh such natural beauty.  Oh the bliss of a gentle ride on a gorgeous lake.

Comforting or not, t…

A trip at very short notice.

Goodness gracious -  I am taking  a trip to Inverness at very short notice.  Who would have thunk it!

Please be patient: -  more details in a day or two.

ColonIal History


Auto Correct

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