Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Time to "Fess Up"

Indeed I took a day trip to Inverness  -  but to the City of Inverness in Citrus County, Florida -  about 126 miles north of Sarasota.

A bit of context .. (which will make deeper sense for some St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL parishioners, and for some of my family members who have visited me from England).

I traveled to Inverness and back with my good friend Ashley Lloyd.

Ashley is the daughter of (the Revd) Jack Chrisman and Donna Chrisman.    We went to Inverness and back today, to spend time with Donna Chrisman's sister Barbara - (Ashley's aunt).

We had a good lunch together,  in the very attractive old town area of Inverness, at "Stumpleknockers" in the old Town Square.

 Stumpleknocker is a fish in the Bream family.

Stumpleknocker was not on the menu.  I had a very decent piece of Gulf of Mexico Grouper.

After lunch Barbara's neighbour Stan kindly took us for a one hour ride on Henderson Lake, on his pontoon boat.  Oh such natural beauty.  Oh the bliss of a gentle ride on a gorgeous lake.

Ashley and Barbara on the Pontoon Boat.


My dog Zion spent the nine hours we were away at Bayside Pet Resort in Bradenton, FL.    It's a great place and he does well there.

I left him there with a stinky/sweaty T shirt which I had worn in bed on Monday night - a comforting reminder (perhaps) of my scent.
Comforting or not, this is how it looked when I picked Z. up just after 5:00 p.m.

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