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I've just discovered an awesome eatery. It is Sarasota's new

Cafe Cliché 
You can find Cafe Cliché  nestled in an iconic 2014 cottage, right in the heart of Sarasota's historic faux village.
Owner/Chefs Ursula Unfeigned and Sid Sincere offer you a game changing gustatory experience from their hand curated menu.
So, Each item is prepared from their hearts to your table, using only locally sourced produce. 

So, The signature dish is Bouef au prétentieux crafted with you in mind from their herd of hand fed Beef Cattle, pastured on the verdant banks of the Philippi Creek, (voted for seventy consecutive years as Sarasota's # 1 stream)

So,For yourbucket listsee your server for details of the breath taking monthly "meet a bullock day" down at the Creek.

So, Overseas visitors will be enchanted with our multi-lingual wait staff who are able to purr"No problem"in a multitude of languages.

So, looking forward, you will arrive a a guest, and leave as a beloved frie…

Apropos not much

Remember when our shopping lists, written or mental, would include the words "Reynolds Wrap" and "Saran Wrap" rather than the generics "aluminum foil"  ("tin foil" for some people),   or "plastic wrap".

Those were also the days when we did not copy documents, we "xeroxed" them.

Some generic terms will not die.    In Great Britain people do not vacuum clean their carpets and floors.  They "Hoover" them.  Imagine hoovering with your Dyson!

Speaking of copiers and printers why do we hear  "I will print it up"  rather than "print it"?

And why are artifacts and houses etc auctioned off? Surely they are simply offered for auction. (I've seen auction houses but never-ever an action off house!).


Perhaps I am old fashioned, or perhaps I am simply a fuss-pot but I insist on writing certain abbreviated words thus:





Dog days of May

Here is a better picture of Josie, the Spitz/Husky who owns my Roswell, GA friends Steve and Rick.

Please, whatever you do, do not tell Zion that I two-timed him in my two days of bliss with Josie.


Of course I absolutely adore Zion.

But love has its limits. I've had to keep Zion off my furniture 'cause his drool was deleterious to the leather.  See this for an example of my first very ugly barriers.

Well contented and utterly grateful

I flew from SRQ to ATL on Saturday 26th, returning on Monday 28th.

My good neighbour Barbara B drove me to SRQ on Saturday, and met me there today.

Despite my worries about sub-tropical storm Alberto my flights were on time.  We even got back to SRQ early today.

The very excellent Chris S stayed in my home and took care of Zion.  Chris is a superb house/pet sitter. His prices are very reasonable.

I wanted to be in Atlanta (actually Roswell) to spend some time with a dear friend Steve C.  I knew and loved  his mother and grandmother from when we met in Fitchburg MA  (1976-80).  By then Steve had already flown the nest, but since 2006 Steve, his partner Rick,  and I have grown a friendship.

Dear Steve's daughter Amanda died in April of this year at the too young age of 42, leaving a husband and three daughters.   I could not be at the funeral so I went to Roswell to listen to Steve and Rick, and to honour their grief.

And now that daughter has died.   Beloved Steve and good Rick talked a …