Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Apropos not much

Remember when our shopping lists, written or mental, would include the words "Reynolds Wrap" and "Saran Wrap" rather than the generics "aluminum foil"  ("tin foil" for some people),   or "plastic wrap".

Those were also the days when we did not copy documents, we "xeroxed" them.

Some generic terms will not die.    In Great Britain people do not vacuum clean their carpets and floors.  They "Hoover" them.  Imagine hoovering with your Dyson!

Speaking of copiers and printers why do we hear  "I will print it up"  rather than "print it"?

And why are artifacts and houses etc auctioned off? Surely they are simply offered for auction. (I've seen auction houses but never-ever an action off house!).


Perhaps I am old fashioned, or perhaps I am simply a fuss-pot but I insist on writing certain abbreviated words thus:





Have you already guessed that I've  had very little of any importance to occupy my mind today.

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