Dog days of May

Here is a better picture of Josie, the Spitz/Husky who owns my Roswell, GA friends Steve and Rick.

Photo' courtesy Rick
Please, whatever you do, do not tell Zion that I two-timed him in my two days of bliss with Josie.


Of course I absolutely adore Zion.

But love has its limits. I've had to keep Zion off my furniture 'cause his drool was deleterious to the leather.  See this for an example of my first very ugly  barriers.

Folding chairs on sofa.

Or even worse

Ironing board on love seat.


I came to another solution today by purchasing some inter-locking plastic tiles to place on my sofas and love seat. (the sort that are often used on the floor  to make a safe indoor play area for children).

They do the job, but they hardly support my home decor.

This is not surprising.  For somewhere along the line I lost (or had never had) the gay men's interior decoration gene.  Nor had I inherited my mother's sense of style.


I'll shed no tears, for I have a very comfortable (but not stylish) home,  and a dog who has won my heart.

Who could ask for anything more?


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