Wednesday, 12 April 2017

STILL LIFE - with long legs


His Regalness "The Ben" in a still life pose on our Lanai.

My legs are short, but I will have a "still life' break from 'POVEY PRATTLE'   and FACE BOOK postings until Easter Day 2017.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Cairo, Egypt - Sarasota, FL A study in contrasts - Martyrdom and Marketing.

This young boy was brutally killed (martyred)  whilst at Church in Cairo on Palm Sunday, simply because he was a Christian.

Daesh claimed irresponsibility.


Meanwhile in Sarasota FL

The Harvest Church  (Beneva and 17th) advertises a massive Easter Egg hunt on Holy Saturday, with 30,000 eggs to be find.  You got it, that's thirty thousand.
Regret the picture isn't clearer.  I could get nearer because of an  FPL truck which blocked  one lane of Beneva.

And the Tabernacle Church on DeSoto has its own way of marketing the Feast of the Resurrection.

 (Very American, nothing to do with the Gospel).

Sunday, 9 April 2017

My sharp witted brother Martyn.

It was my beloved brother  Martyn and his fabulous wife Wendy who introduced me to the joy and blessing of Greyhounds,  via their unforgettable and beloved Greyhound  rescue  "Misty".

I grew to like and love her as a result of a couple of visits to my native Bristol.

One day someone asked Martyn "is she a retired Greyhound?"

Martyn replied:  "No, she is still a Greyhound, but she is a retired Racing Dog".

I still giggle at Martyn's wit.