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A week in Ecuador (3)

A week in Ecuador (2)

Here is the second of my "on the spot" e-mails, dated 2nd October 2010.

Tomorrow I will write about the Ordination of Chris Morck to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church in Ecuador.

Saturday 2nd Oct 2010  8:35 p.m. Quito time.
The ordinations went so well this morning in a service which lasted for 2 3/4 hours.  Chris is now a Priest in the Church of God, and I will be present on Sunday 3rd when he presides at the Eucharist for the first time.  More about all this when I get back home.


More excitement.  Eight of us went out tonight -  for a fine celebratory dinner in  the La Mariscal district of Quito.The nickname for this area is "GRINGOLANDIA"    it is a tourist area.

After dinner as we were getting into a cab a young man ripped my camera away from the cord by which it was hanging on my wrist. There was no point in resisting.  (Yes it should have been in my pocket).  I was sad to think that i had lost the or…

A week in Ecuador (1)