Saturday, 5 March 2016

Friday, 4 March 2016

Hail and Farewell

Some of you will remember my tales about my troubled and troublesome neighbour Edythe T.

She died in Jan 2015.

Her affairs were not in the greatest shape, but mercifully she had made a will.

The  executor was her brother, The Honorable Judge Edward T from Detroit.

Judge T and his wife Lynn have made many visits from Detroit to SRQ in order to "sort out" Edythe's affairs -  a difficult task indeed (partly because she was a hoarder).  I have grown to know and like them during their many visits.

Indeed, long before she died, when it became clear that Edythe would never return home from a nursing home it fell to  my lot and that of another neighbour Kathy O. to rid E's home of all manner of decaying and decay-able foods!

The saga is over.  Edythe T's property has been sold,

The Judge and his wife have been in SRQ  for the closing.  They will soon be able to return to their home in Detroit, never again to worry about matters relating to Edythe and her property.

We met today for lunch at a local Panera Bread.

We realised that this was most likely a valedictory lunch.  We celebrated  the  fondness and deep gratitude we have developed for each other during Edythe's waning and ending years

Judge T and JMP

Lynne and Edward.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Racism makes no sense - a warning to "Christian" voters.

Its been said that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and it does not bring about the result you desire, then you might want to stop doing it.

Which leads me to ask "why do white racists in the USA keep doing the same thing over and over again, when their desired result of an  "an all white, 'Christian' America" has never come to pass, (nor will it, sans massive violence, civil war, brutality and genocide).?



divides people rather than uniting them

destroys rather than building up

creates fear rather than hope

is rooted in hatred rather than in  love

is based in anger rather than in a desire for peace

depends upon violence to achieve its ends

.........................  and this list could go one and on.


Racism makes no sense, and racists are ignorant, ill-informed, unwilling to learn,  or just plain stupid. Do not despise them, but by all means have pity on them, and pray for them.


In our system of belief

All people are created in the image and likeness of God.

All people are invited to fellowship with God in and through Jesus the Christ, who we name as LORD.


that Christians do not have the liberty of supporting, endorsing, or voting for candidates for political office whose views (covert or overt) are rooted in racism, nationalism,  white supremacy, nativism or chauvinism.  SUCH VIEWS ARE IN  OPPOSITION TO THE WILL OF GOD AS WE KNOW IT IN HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Vote that way if you must, but be prepared to explain your vote to the Holy God on Judgment Day.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I hate to waste food - but there are perils.

On Monday 29th Feb I decided to use some leftover food for my breakfast.

I had a bit of uncooked spinach, and a half of an already baked sweet potato, which I did not wish to waste

I sautéed the spinach and sweet potato in a bit of Olive oil, and thus has a "waste not, want not breakfast". It was good.

I tried the same trick again today, Tuesday  1st.March. This time my plan was to use up a bit of left-over spinach salad, supplemented with a hard-boiled egg.  "Waste not, want not".

I took the spinach salad in its glass bowl from my fridge, and placed it on top of the oven. (So foolish!!)

I put some water in a saucepan to boil the egg.
I turned on my oven burner to cook the egg.

Sad to say I had made a grave mistake.

For I had  turned on the wrong burner.

Instead of boiling an egg I had heated the glass bowl which contained the remnants of salad.

Said glass bowl exploded from the intense heat - scattering shards of glass and bits of salad all over the kitchen.  DREADFUL!

 I should have been more careful or attentive!

It took me half and hour to clean up the mess.  I know that wee bits of glass will emerge from "wherever" in the coming weeks.

BUT it could have been worse. Not a single shard of glass exploded into my body.


AS IF THAT WERE NOT ENOUGH  I managed to knock a glass tumbler to the floor at the home of my friend Ben later in the the day.

Once again my carelessness resulted in the "scattering of glass shards".


It's been a "glass-astrophic day",



Here's a nice wee photo' which I took from my screened in porch just before sunset today.

Monday, 29 February 2016

St. David's Day March 1st

St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales.  (Are there any countries with Matron Saints?).

There had never been a Welsh Nation, with national insitutions such as a Parliament, a Monarchy, or well defined borders.

(It was not until my own lifetime that it was decided that the County of Monmouth was part of Wales and not an appendix to England).

So there were no National Institutions, Rather there were the Welsh lands, the Welsh people, and the Welsh Principalities which were absorbed into England by fair means or foul.

But of course the Welsh people "gave" the Tudor dynasty to the English Monarchy.

In recent years the generous U.K. Government (LOL) has granted a measure of home rule to the Welsh people in the form of the Welsh Assembly. We'd be wise to understand it as a regional or provincial Assembly  -  but with no ability to raise taxes, or to have an independent foreign policy.

The historical  English view of  Welsh people has not been noble.  It was believed that the Welsh were backward (thus there were determined efforts to stamp out the Welsh language), that they were not to be trusted (an English saying was "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief"; and that they were unwelcome immigrants (my mother told me that during the great depression many Welsh people migrated to Bristol (my home City - just across the the Bristol Channel from South Wales) and took the best jobs. Oh yes, immigrants are the source of all our problems! (My tongue is in my cheek!)

Despite this,  (or in the face of this),  Wales has its own flag:

And Wales has a "National? Anthem".  It is far more tuneful, harmonious and rich than "God Save the Queen".

Enjoy it on this St. David's Day.

 (Click here, then go to link)

Sunday, 28 February 2016

'Ere's sum prattle

The reader of the second bible reading (the Epistle) at St. Boniface Church this morning (8:00 a.m.) did so with such intelligence, understanding and clarity that my ears and heart rejoiced.

I saw him after service and thanked him for his skill as a Lector.

He was truly touched to hear my praise.

Whatever the context if you see, hear, or note a job being well done, do take time to thank the person whose skill delighted you.

Genuine gratitude, personally and verbally  expressed can be a powerful antidote to the whining which dominates much of our lives, and the lives of those around us.


I am reading  "My History - A Memoir of Growing Up" by Lady Antonia Fraser the noted and celebrated historian and author.

I had forgotten (or never knew) that she is the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Pakenham, devoted Roman Catholic Christians, and passionate Socialists (in the British Tradition).

Frank Pakenham became the 7th Earl of Longford (in the Irish Peerage) when his older brother (the 6th Earl) died without issue.

Elizabeth Pakenham, as the wife of an Earl became the Countess of Longford.  Antonia gained the courtesy title  of "Lady", since she was the daughter of an Earl.

(Antonia got her first name because her parents liked the Willa Cather Novel "My Antonia") 

I am in  danger of digressing into a  paeon of praise for the Longfords. Their nobility was deeper than that of being members of the  Anglo-Irish peerage.  It was a nobility of character and action.  I should get back to them in another blog entry.

Here is the Prattle-ish bit.

Antonia writes about her great-Uncle Eddie (also an Anglo/Irish aristocrat).

Eddie thoroughly disapproved of Edward VIII and his abdication of the Throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

Eddie said this of Edward VII (later the Duke of Windsor).

"He used to be the Admiral of the King's Navy,
and he gave it all up to be third mate of an American Destroyer" 

Ouch, and giggles!

Meesum is a young clerk/assistant at my local Convenience Store (which begins with a seven and ends with an eleven)

He is unfailingly cheerful and helpful.

Most days I ask him for one pack of Pall Mall Blue 100's.

Meesum says "why not buy two packs, they are on sale".

I always reply "I only want one pack, 'cause I plan to quit tomorrow (as if!).

It's become our private joke.

I was at the store on Saturday 27th.  An older gentleman attended to me.  I asked for two packs so that I would not have to shop on the Lord's Day.  (Please do not believe that nonsense!)

Meesum, at the back of the store, recognized my voice.  He came closer and told me that the older gentleman who was waiting on me was his father.

I asked the older man: "is Messum really your son?".

"Yes indeed" was his reply.

 I responded, "In that case I am deeply sorry for you!"

At which the  father and son burst into deep laughter,  As I walked out of the store to the sound of their laughter I heard one or the the other of them say "that was a really good one".

I have a wicked (or naughty) sense of humour,  I am glad that it "worked:" with Meesum and his Dad yesterday.