Friday, 4 March 2016

Hail and Farewell

Some of you will remember my tales about my troubled and troublesome neighbour Edythe T.

She died in Jan 2015.

Her affairs were not in the greatest shape, but mercifully she had made a will.

The  executor was her brother, The Honorable Judge Edward T from Detroit.

Judge T and his wife Lynn have made many visits from Detroit to SRQ in order to "sort out" Edythe's affairs -  a difficult task indeed (partly because she was a hoarder).  I have grown to know and like them during their many visits.

Indeed, long before she died, when it became clear that Edythe would never return home from a nursing home it fell to  my lot and that of another neighbour Kathy O. to rid E's home of all manner of decaying and decay-able foods!

The saga is over.  Edythe T's property has been sold,

The Judge and his wife have been in SRQ  for the closing.  They will soon be able to return to their home in Detroit, never again to worry about matters relating to Edythe and her property.

We met today for lunch at a local Panera Bread.

We realised that this was most likely a valedictory lunch.  We celebrated  the  fondness and deep gratitude we have developed for each other during Edythe's waning and ending years

Judge T and JMP

Lynne and Edward.

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