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Jacob (Jake) Taylor et al after last night's play (and my silly mistake)

After the show.  L-R  jmp, Jacob, his high school friend Tyler (?),  Jonathan, Andi, and J.R.

I am sorry that I look so glum.  'Twas a late night for this old codger!


Not just an old codger, but also a part time twit!

When we were seated it was to see a slide like this on the stage.

I thought it was an advertisement and wondered : "when will the slide change so that we can find out more about this new sea food restaurant in SRQ?"

Then the ,light dawned.  It's the name of the show.

(I should get out more!)

A wholly satisfying day: Thomas's, Taylors and my late night

Panera Bread is a dependable place for a decent and reasonably healthy lunch,  I was at their UTC (Saaraota) place yesterday, there to meet my Detroit friends Eddie and Lin Thomas.  They were en route from Kissimmee to Captiva here in Florida.

Eddie is one of the three brothers of my late next door neighbour, Edythe Thomas.  I got to know the Detroit folks when they came to SRQ to visit Edythe in the day of her mental and physical illness, and then again when they came here to sell up the condo.

Of course we had a splendid time over ,lunch.   You know that when time flies, and you spend 105 minutes at a fast food cafe you are enjoying the company even more than the food.

Later in the day I was a P.F. Chang's for dinner with Jonathan and Andi Taylor,  Andi's step-mother "J.R", and St. Boniface parishioner Diana Mott Davidson and her husband Jim.  Like Panera Bread the food at PFC is predictable and reliable.  And just as at lunch we enjoyed lively, spirited and funny…

This late? (March 3rd 2017)

This is the time  (USA Eastern Time).
I am just going to bed.
It's shocking.
My usual bedtime is 8:30 p.m..
Yesterday I was so tired that I went to bed at 6:30 p.m., and slept through until 4:30 a.m.
The day before I went to bed at 7:30 p.m.
So, "why so late today?"

I'll tell you tomorrow!

Ash Wednesday re-visited

I took myself to Church yesterday for the early morning Ash Wednesday service.  (It was not at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown -  a friend of mine is the Rector there and I liked the drawing).; nor was at at the Parish I serve in retirement.  Every Ash Wednesday I go to the "big Church" in downtown Sarasota).

I come from the Low Church/Evangelical tradition in which ceremonies such as the Imposition of Ashes are sometimes regarded as superstitious, superficial and superfluous.

So I am often a bit on edge on Ash Wednesday.   I like to make a good beginning to Lent, but I am not so sure about the Ashes.  

(When I was a newly ordained Priest and full of my own wisdom and baloney I made a big thing about receiving Ashes in the parish I served.  That was more about me than about the people with whom I served.)

These days I chose not to receive them.  I am uneasy about that visible smudge on my forehead, and what it might say  to my sense of spiritual pride. 

That's an O…

It's St David's Day


I am shameless

It was two weeks today that I said farewell to my dear Penne.

Good Lord above, I miss her so much.  But I am no longer overwhelmed with sadness.  I am simply glad/sad at every memory of her.

In that sad.glad frame of mind I am shameless.  Every morning and evening I  prowl and lurk in my community,  simply and solely to get my dog fix by petting and stroking the nice dogs who belong to my neighbours.

It'll have to do for now.

My brother Martyn

My brother Martyn is in the witlessprotection programme.

If you see him please do not recognize or greet him.  Do not scratch his haunches or rub his belly.

His life depends on his disguise.

Ben Morse - Hail and Farewell

We gathered last evening for a Celebration of Ben's life.   "We" were about forty people who adored Ben and were enriched by his life.

In brief, he was a New Yorker  who had a notable career first as an actor, then as a costume designer and maker, and finally as a publicity creator and agent for the stage.

Ben's first partner was another actor Louis Beachner.  They were together for forty years.

After retirement Ben met my friend Bruce Wirtz. They had a loving and gracious partnership. It was because of my friendship with Ben and Bruce that I moved to Sarasota).  Then Bruce passed from this life.

Ben's grief at Bruce's death was never entirely assuaged.


As that grief ameliorated a bit Ben began to host…