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Sunday shennanigins

June 17th  Supply Priest at All Angels, Longboat Key, FL

June  24th  In Atlanta for the ordination of my friend Tracy Wells Miller

July 1st At Cathedral, St. Petersburg,  FL for “Pride” service and brunch

July 15h Supply Priest at Good Shepherd, Punta Gorda, FL

July 22nd  Supply Priest at All Angel’s, Longboat Key, FL

July 29th  Supply Priest at All Angel’s, Longboat Key, FL

Close encounters in Paris and Porter Square

On 3rd August 2002 I officiated at the wedding of Kristen Harris and James Nerich at St. James’s in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

The service itself was both reverent and joyful.

The reception was a blast!  It began with a Parrott Head (Jimmy Buffet) theme. Then half way through the event, the entire wedding party changed into Boston Red Sox gear.

Then James and Kristen set off for a three week honeymoon in Italy and France. By nice happenstance they found themselves to be on a ‘bus tour in Italy with an old friend of mine, Jessie Hale. She (now deceased) was the widow of the Revd. Sam Hale, a colleague in Fitchburg MA.

A week after the wedding I set out for a vacation in France.

On the penultimate day of my holiday I took the Parisian Metro to St-Michel/Notre Dame station to get my bearings for a day of walking in Paris.  I sat myself down at a cafe on Quai de la Turnelle, ordered a cafe au lait, looked down the street.

Lo and behold, there they were, walking towards the cafe: Krist…

Private enterprise. Private/public cooperation. Public subsidies.

1.Jet Blue staff runs a fine company.   It was a pleasure to fly with this airline.
The staff were as “people centred” and friendly as one could imagine. Boarding the plane and leaving it was made easy.   I am sure that Jet Blue planes give more leg room to each passenger.  The first item of checked baggage is “free”, and there are next to no add-ons. Each passenger has her/his own T.V. screen with twenty or more channels.  Jet Blue offers free snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages. Jet Blue represents free enterprise at its best.  Would to goodness that other airlines were as savvy.

2.Tampa International Airport is one of the best.  It is laid out so beautifully and simply. Parking is simple and inexpensive ($9 per 24 hours in the economy lot). This airport has clear signage, and very easy access to departure lounges via  automated “trains”.  There are no long walks.  TPA is a superb example of public/private cooperation. It would not exist sans both the public and private dollars wh…

Boston's "Pride" Parade 9th June 2012

Even though I happened to be in Boston on 9th June 2012 I could not attend the Boston Pride Parade  ( i was en route to Providence RI for lunch with the beloved Dr. Grace Jones, a friend of mine from Pittsfield, MA days).

But here are some wonderful pics of the Episcopal Church contingent in that Pride Parade.

As good as it gets with friends in Cambridge MA and Providence R.I.

Off I went to New England on Friday.  A sixty-five minute drive from my home to Tampa International Airport  (one of the best designed and organised airports in the country), then a three hour flight to Boston using Jet Blue (an extremely efficient and friendly airline).

From Boston’s Logan Airport I used public transportation to get to Porter Square “T” station, a mere 12 minute walk from the Somerville MA  home of my hosts, the Revd. Laurie Rofinot and her husband Patrick Michaels, together with their daughter Marion.

The “T” is what folks in the greater Boston area call the subway system.  It derives from the old MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), now called the MBTA  ( Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority).  Strictly speaking the nickname “T” belongs to buses, ferry boats, commuter trains, trolleys and subways, but for most folks in the greater Boston are the letter “T” refers principally to the Subway system).

As I emerged from the very deep Red Line T at Porter Square (three e…


Back safe, sound, and happy, from my visit to New England.

It was a lovely trip.

Details soon.