Thursday, 14 June 2012

Close encounters in Paris and Porter Square

On 3rd August 2002 I officiated at the wedding of Kristen Harris and James Nerich at St. James’s in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

The service itself was both reverent and joyful.

The reception was a blast!  It began with a Parrott Head (Jimmy Buffet) theme. Then half way through the event, the entire wedding party changed into Boston Red Sox gear.

Then James and Kristen set off for a three week honeymoon in Italy and France. By nice happenstance they found themselves to be on a ‘bus tour in Italy with an old friend of mine, Jessie Hale. She (now deceased) was the widow of the Revd. Sam Hale, a colleague in Fitchburg MA.

A week after the wedding I set out for a vacation in France.

On the penultimate day of my holiday I took the Parisian Metro to St-Michel/Notre Dame station to get my bearings for a day of walking in Paris.  I sat myself down at a cafe on Quai de la Turnelle, ordered a cafe au lait, looked down the street.

Lo and behold, there they were, walking towards the cafe: Kristen and James on the last day of their honeymoon.  Giggles and glee all round.  "Whoda thunk it".

When Kristen and James got back to Logan Airport Kristen’s Mom asked “how was your honeymoon?”. Kristen’s first words were “we saw Michael Povey in Paris!”

Last Saturday, June 9th Kristen hoved up to Porter Square, Cambridge from her home on nearby Fenno St. When she got back home she said to her Mom  (they have upstairs/downstairs apartments) “I saw someone in Porter Square who looked just like Michael Povey”.

Yes, twas I.

If I had used the crosswalk instead of jay walking I would have spotted Kristen.

If Kristen has allowed her voice to overcome her mind (seeing is not always believing), and called out we would have had a hug fest.

Close, but no cigar eh?

Kristen, James and Kristen’s parents have decided to start a new game.  Not “Where’s Waldo?”, but “Where’s Michael?”.   They think that I am likely to pop up in all manner of places.

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