Saturday, 21 October 2017

Back to normal

Ted Copeland, who has also traveled on QM 2 with Judy Copeland warned me that I would have to come back to reality.

Oh yes!


Three loads

80% junk mail

So much  cat hair on the floors after almost five weeks away.

Next Wednesday.

Reality 2

I had a call with Verizon because I believed they had overcharged me for calls made in the U.K.  I could not prove my case (it's all a bit complicated) so I said that if they reduced my bill by $56 or $60 as a goodwill gesture  I would be satisfied.  They agreed to $50. I can live with that.

I tried to be in touch with Great Western Railways (UK) to get a refund for a ticket they had issued for the wrong date.I had not noticed this when I bought the ticket in advance, so I had to pay for another ticket on the train.

The train's ticket collector said that I could get a refund for the unused ticket, but the ticket office in Southampton UK is run by a different rail company, 

The U.K. mailing address for refunds is simply "Freepost GWR", hardly sufficient for a letter from the U.S.A. I  e-mailed GWR to get an address which will work from the U.S.A. 

GWR told me to expect a reply to my inquiry in five days (slower than Amtrak!). 

But the bit is between my teeth, and I will not give up until I get my money back.


I'd love to be pampered again on the QM2, but then again, I paid for that! 😎😎