Friday, 16 August 2019

Seeing a rare species! Hooray for Florida Wildlife

A mother wrench feeding her young.  

(Picture via my Phoenix AZ friend Alison P.G.)

Thursday, 15 August 2019





AUG 15th 2019


Canine Therapy at New College, Sarasota, FL - a welcome break at the Resident Assistants' training week.

Zion hated this! 😍


We double dipped.  

11:30 - 12:30 at New College

4:00 - 5:00 at ALSOYouth

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Nonsense of J. Michael Povey

It's so horribly hot and humid here.

So much so when I take Zion on our early morning walk I place an egg on my hat.

By the time I get home I have a soft boiled egg all ready for breakfast.

The Wisdom of Catherine Gladstone

Catherine and William Gladstone

I think of Gladstone. Once he turned to his wife, after he had received an honorary degree describing him as a very great man, and he asked his wife, “I wonder how many great men there are?” And she replied, “There’s one less than you think there are”.



I've had my Kia Forte automobile for about twenty two months, but if cleanliness is next to godliness it has become a downright pagan.

We've been to the full service car was a couple of times, and through the 7-11 $7 machine a few times, but due to my laziness, negligence or indifference, it was a mess, with dog drool over the back seat windows and about 3" of dog hair covering the floor.

My good friend Rick P. recommended a "come to your home" car detailing business which I used yesterday.  Oh my, it was worth every penny.

The "mark" on the hood is a reflection of a ceiling fan in my neighbour's car port

Inside, sans floor mats which are still drying in this humid air.

Sometimes when I have cleaned my bathroom I think that I'll never use it again, 'cause it will get dirty again.

In a like vein I am reluctant to drive my car.  I'd rather simply admire it so that it will not get dirty!

The kicker is this.  The male owner of the business took four hours to detail my car, working in almost unbearable humidity.  What a worker!

The cost  (including washing, waxing and buffing the outside) was $150.  That might seem high, but so are his business expenses for the professional equipment he uses.  It may seem odd to tip an owner operator but I did - a wee monetary expression of my appreciation.

By the way did I mention that he is an immigrant?

P.S. Thirteen days ago, when Zion and I were driving home from a canine therapy gig, the heavens opened in a storm which lasted for two hours.   We passed a newish Thai Restaurant which relies heavily on take out business.

I thought  "there goes your evening business, next to no one will brave this storm even for your good grub".  

The same is true for my car detailing man.  He drives to homes, office parking lots etc for mainly out side work. I wonder how many bookings he has to cancel in our rainy season.  I wonder how much income he loses when mother nature acts up.  If it had stormed yesterday he could have worked in my car port, but car ports are the exception rather than the rule.

Sarasota/Manatee county friends.  Rick P. or I will be glad to give you his 'phone #

Monday, 12 August 2019

Growing up at aged 75 years

Growing up at aged 75 years involves re-examining and often dis-avowing the myths of national greatness with which you were fed in school

viz  Nationalism, Racism, Militarism, Imperialism,  Expansionism,  Cultural superiority, Determined ignorance or proud disdain regarding other nations or peoples.

Sadly President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson are too lazy or Anglo-Saxon nationalistic  to re-examine or disavow the myths (lies) which shaped their early education.

They have a 1910 view of political life which (for some) sounds good, but which is utterly inadequate for our 2019 world.

Johnson and Trump have a blinkered and myopic view of the politics, culture and economics of the 21st Century,

Their policies  could well destroy the "economic house of cards" which have sustained the democratic world since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Nor Yet A Rope To Hang Himself

"Here's a health unto His Majesty,
With a fa la la la la la la,
Confusion to his enemies,
With a fa la la la la la la.
And he who would not drink his health,
We wish him neither *wit nor wealth,
Nor yet a rope to hang himself.
With a fal lal la la la la la la la la,
With a fal lal la la la la la."

The word "wit"  means intelligence as in "she has her wits about her"

Listen to it here: 


This was one of  the  English Patriotic Songs  I learned  in what Americans call "grade school".

I/we were never told the context.  In truth it was a Royalist song used either at the time of the English Civil Wars, (Parliament v Charles I) and/or at  the restoration of the Monarchy under Charles II.

It's a bit of propaganda:  The Royalists so despised the Parliamentarian/ Calvinist/ anti-Monarchist patriots,  that they deemed the latter unworthy of even a free noose for suicide.


Yet nooses can be bought.

So I wonder/speculate/ therorise/  that an unbelievably wealthy yet previously convicted paedophile,  one J.E.,  may have been enabled to purchase a noose so that he could take his own life in a prison cell, rather than having to face further trials and possible life imprisonment.

I speculate of course. It's my hunch.

How did he find or purchase a rope to hang himself?

Assisted suicide or not, the old question raised by Jesus Christ comes to mind (as I remember it from the King James/Authorised version).

"What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?"

I must add a word of care and sympathy for the young girls and women who were the objects of his lust and power.  I hope that they will reach some place of justice, despite his death by suicide,