Nor Yet A Rope To Hang Himself

"Here's a health unto His Majesty,
With a fa la la la la la la,
Confusion to his enemies,
With a fa la la la la la la.
And he who would not drink his health,
We wish him neither *wit nor wealth,
Nor yet a rope to hang himself.
With a fal lal la la la la la la la la,
With a fal lal la la la la la."

The word "wit"  means intelligence as in "she has her wits about her"

Listen to it here: 


This was one of  the  English Patriotic Songs  I learned  in what Americans call "grade school".

I/we were never told the context.  In truth it was a Royalist song used either at the time of the English Civil Wars, (Parliament v Charles I) and/or at  the restoration of the Monarchy under Charles II.

It's a bit of propaganda:  The Royalists so despised the Parliamentarian/ Calvinist/ anti-Monarchist patriots,  that they deemed the latter unworthy of even a free noose for suicide.


Yet nooses can be bought.

So I wonder/speculate/ therorise/  that an unbelievably wealthy yet previously convicted paedophile,  one J.E.,  may have been enabled to purchase a noose so that he could take his own life in a prison cell, rather than having to face further trials and possible life imprisonment.

I speculate of course. It's my hunch.

How did he find or purchase a rope to hang himself?

Assisted suicide or not, the old question raised by Jesus Christ comes to mind (as I remember it from the King James/Authorised version).

"What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?"

I must add a word of care and sympathy for the young girls and women who were the objects of his lust and power.  I hope that they will reach some place of justice, despite his death by suicide,


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