Sunday, 28 February 2016

'Ere's sum prattle

The reader of the second bible reading (the Epistle) at St. Boniface Church this morning (8:00 a.m.) did so with such intelligence, understanding and clarity that my ears and heart rejoiced.

I saw him after service and thanked him for his skill as a Lector.

He was truly touched to hear my praise.

Whatever the context if you see, hear, or note a job being well done, do take time to thank the person whose skill delighted you.

Genuine gratitude, personally and verbally  expressed can be a powerful antidote to the whining which dominates much of our lives, and the lives of those around us.


I am reading  "My History - A Memoir of Growing Up" by Lady Antonia Fraser the noted and celebrated historian and author.

I had forgotten (or never knew) that she is the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Pakenham, devoted Roman Catholic Christians, and passionate Socialists (in the British Tradition).

Frank Pakenham became the 7th Earl of Longford (in the Irish Peerage) when his older brother (the 6th Earl) died without issue.

Elizabeth Pakenham, as the wife of an Earl became the Countess of Longford.  Antonia gained the courtesy title  of "Lady", since she was the daughter of an Earl.

(Antonia got her first name because her parents liked the Willa Cather Novel "My Antonia") 

I am in  danger of digressing into a  paeon of praise for the Longfords. Their nobility was deeper than that of being members of the  Anglo-Irish peerage.  It was a nobility of character and action.  I should get back to them in another blog entry.

Here is the Prattle-ish bit.

Antonia writes about her great-Uncle Eddie (also an Anglo/Irish aristocrat).

Eddie thoroughly disapproved of Edward VIII and his abdication of the Throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

Eddie said this of Edward VII (later the Duke of Windsor).

"He used to be the Admiral of the King's Navy,
and he gave it all up to be third mate of an American Destroyer" 

Ouch, and giggles!

Meesum is a young clerk/assistant at my local Convenience Store (which begins with a seven and ends with an eleven)

He is unfailingly cheerful and helpful.

Most days I ask him for one pack of Pall Mall Blue 100's.

Meesum says "why not buy two packs, they are on sale".

I always reply "I only want one pack, 'cause I plan to quit tomorrow (as if!).

It's become our private joke.

I was at the store on Saturday 27th.  An older gentleman attended to me.  I asked for two packs so that I would not have to shop on the Lord's Day.  (Please do not believe that nonsense!)

Meesum, at the back of the store, recognized my voice.  He came closer and told me that the older gentleman who was waiting on me was his father.

I asked the older man: "is Messum really your son?".

"Yes indeed" was his reply.

 I responded, "In that case I am deeply sorry for you!"

At which the  father and son burst into deep laughter,  As I walked out of the store to the sound of their laughter I heard one or the the other of them say "that was a really good one".

I have a wicked (or naughty) sense of humour,  I am glad that it "worked:" with Meesum and his Dad yesterday.

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