Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The "news" is all too much.

The headline news: First it was Tunisia.  Then Egypt. Then Libya.

Next we were taken to New Zealand and the ghastly earthquake in Christ Church.  Then back to Libya for a day or two.

Moving on we were directed to Japan, and an even more awful earthquake, tsunami, and possible nuclear catastrophe.

No matter where we get news -  from radio, T.V., internet, or those old fashioned things known as newspapers, the news has been the same.

Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. New Zealand. Libya again.   And now Japan.

Even as we express our concern about Japan we forget New Zealand.

Even as we fret about Libya we forget Iraq, Afghanistan and the “jokers in the pack” -  Iran and Israel.


Ron and Charlotte worry themselves sick about the cancer which is all to present in the body of their daughter-in-law Liz.

Martyn and Wendy are still so very concerned about Brenda’s cancer.

Elliot wonders “what will be” as his partner Jesse battles that same old bastard known as cancer.

In Sarasota, four teenagers were killed in a horrid road accident, two of them from the same family.

There is more bad news that I/we can comprehend.

But life goes on.

So I feed the cats, walk the dog, make dinner, do the dishes, prepare a talk for Wednesday 16th and a sermon for Sunday 20th.

Life goes on from day to day.  It has to. For sometimes the “big news”  is all too much.

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