Monday, 12 May 2014

Dogs know.

Penne has been unusually clingy these recent few days.  She knows that I will be going away.

I had a wee chat with her this afternoon.  I rubbed my forehead on to her forehead  (she loves this), all the while whispering to her that "yes, Papa is going away but he will come back, and you  will be with Ron and Charlotte who love and care for you".

Of course Penne has relaxed after this whisper-fest.

In the meantime, overly concerned Papa that I am, I worried because Penne was paying special attention to her anus -  licking it, and also scooting across the carpet to "scratch" it.

I was concerned because Penne recently had an infection on one of her anal glands.  I thought that it might have returned.

So off we went to see the Vet.  Penne is fine -  her glands are in good shape.  The vet thinks that her licking and carpet scratching behavior is because of the air-borne allergens that bother Floridian canines at this time of the year, and which had sorely distressed Penne late last month.

So she is back on anti-histamines.  Good girl that she is, she makes no protest when I open her jaws and push the pill to the back of her mouth.  She knows that this is good for her, so she swallows the pill with no fuss as I massage her neck.

Must have her in good shape for Uncle Ron and Aunt Charlotte!  It is a blessing that they adore her and are always happy when she takes her vacations with them.

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