Thursday, 29 December 2011

Australian countryside (or bush)

Much of the good stuff in my visit to Australia was when I got out into the “bush” (or “countryside”) – I am still not certain if the words are synonymous.

I know that the “bush” and the “outback” are not the same.

Australia is indeed a very flat Continent.  You will see this in the photo’s I took from a plane, en route from Adelaide to Melbourne. 

There are also quite delightful “countryside” areas near Adelaide (the Adelaide Hills); and near Melbourne in the Ballaratt/Creswick/Doylesford areas. These places are neither Cities, nor Outback.

Here are my pics.  I’ll end the Australia series tomorrow with some photo’s from the gorgeous Blue Mountains near Sydney.

Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

"Flatland" -  from the plane between Adelaide and Melbourne (1)

"Flatland" -  from the plane between Adelaide and Melbourne (2)

The Bush near Melbourne (1)

The Bush near Melbourne (2)

Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area (1)

Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area (2)
Mineral Spring in Ballaratt area  (3)

Looking out towards Hanging Rock

Rose bushes at Hanging Rock Winery  (Hanging Rock in the background)
From the train between Melbourne and Sydney (1)

From the train between Melbourne and Sydney (2)

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